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ControlSpace is an audio management ecosystem that seamlessly brings together multiple hardware technologies under one unified software platform. Tailored specifically for professional installations, ControlSpace empowers designers to customize the audio experience, ensuring a perfect match with the unique characteristics of each environmental space.

It’s not just for designers; it’s the proven solution for business end-users with thousands of installations spanning the world. ControlSpace offers a reliable audio system that enhances your customer’s experience. From the atmosphere of restaurants and retail spaces to the refined ambiance of hospitality venues, auditoriums, houses of worship and conferencing rooms, ControlSpace combines audio performance with ease of operation and management.

ControlSpace integrates these types of professional audio devices together:

Our entire range of powered and passive installed loudspeakers are fully supported with factory-optimized processor presets to ensure best-in-class performance and protection.

Networkable ControlSpace audio processors with both digital and analog inputs, network connectivity, and the ability to mix, process, and route audio signals, ensuring exceptional, professional-grade system performance.

ControlSpace-enabled DSP and non-DSP power amplifiers seamlessly integrate with our processors and loudspeakers, featuring remote monitoring and health telemetry for enhanced system management.

User control options include ControlCenter analog and digital wall controllers as well as smart device control through a software app.

Additionally, networkable ControlSpace I/O endpoints convert local analog audio to digital, enabling streaming on the network to other ControlSpace or third-party devices.

— with all devices easily configured through the intuitive ControlSpace Designer software.


The ControlSpace ecosystem is constantly evolving with the introduction of new hardware and software features. Check out the video to see the latest updates.



“We chose Bose Professional because we needed a system capable of adapting and changing, often on a regular basis. Implementing a digital network audio system offers the flexibility to effortlessly incorporate additional functionality.”

Adam Andary

HDS Systems – The Rezz Hotel Project


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Network-based architecture with Dante® digital audio integration

Utilizes a network-based approach, delivering robust digital audio transmission with support for up to 64 bidirectional channels over a single Cat 5 or 6 network cable.

Deploys the industry-standard Audinate Dante® network for integration with over 1,500 other Dante-enabled devices from third-party manufacturers.

A selection of system processors for multiple applications

Every processor integrates both analog and digital inputs and outputs, accompanied by a comprehensive library of processing functions designed to efficiently manage your system requirements.

The conferencing versions incorporate all the processing functions and come equipped with advanced features such as acoustic echo cancellation, adaptive noise cancellation, VoIP, and PSTN functionality.

Intuitively configure hardware devices using ControlSpace Designer software

Design software provides essential tools for hardware configuration and a comprehensive library of signal-processing functions. Its open architecture empowers designers to craft fully customized designs, precisely tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Selection of user control options to meet project requirements.

ControlCenter analog wall controllers can directly connect to our signal processors or amplifiers for straightforward systems. ControlCenter digital wall controllers can be connected to the system network infrastructure providing source selection, volume, and mute capabilities.

For a personalized touch, our ControlSpace Remote Builder app allows the design of custom user interfaces accessible from Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices running the ControlSpace Remote client app.

Smart Simulation gives the ability to test and modify all control programming while offline.

Smart Simulation uses virtual representations of our ControlCenter controllers to configure and test system control programming — eliminating the need to connect to the actual system for control testing purposes.

Dante networked input/output endpoints streamline source connectivity.

The EX endpoints are a convenient, cost-effective solution for connecting 4 or up to 8 conferencing microphones over a single Cat 5 or 6 cable. Whether used under a conference table, daisy-chained with other EX processors or endpoints, or standalone in a rack, the EX endpoints add high-quality microphone/line inputs, GPI, and GPO to your networked audio system.

Autodiscovery, drag-and-drop programming, auto-routing, and simplified logic control in ControlSpace Designer make configuring straightforward. Tasks such as configuring microphone LED status and microphone mute actions are greatly simplified within ControlSpace Designer without requiring external control system programming.



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