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The Angel Wellness Hotel, located in Austria, welcomes each guest with a beautiful message: “When angels travel, they look for an extraordinary place full of harmony and moments of happiness, with magical people and special feel-good experiences!”

The Mattersberger-Zimmermann family and their team of angels embody this saying in every aspect of the Angel Wellness Hotel since its inception in 1748. Only those who truly enjoy the art of hospitality and personify the saying “a host with a heart” work at the hotel bringing an unforgettable experience to each of its guests. Located in the breathtaking Tannheimer Valley near Lake Haldensee, guests come to the hotel for an exclusive retreat in the warm, friendly village of Grän with its population of just 600.

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The hotel offers a memorable, inclusive combination of upscale rooming options, spa recovery packages, varied winter and summer sports, excursions through the city and culture-rich culinary delights. To enhance this, the Mattsberger-Zimmermanns decided to renovate the hotel to align the amenities to their guests’ needs, which called for a sound system as angelic as the stay they deliver.


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While the project provided opportunities to think creatively, Rogllivtec GmbH & Co KG and the Bose Professional team shared a vision to create an audio solution that met all the requirements using a combination of FreeSpace loudspeakers, MB210-WR outdoor subwoofer, PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers, all leveraging the use of Dante and managed by the ControlSpace CC-64 control center.

The resulting audio solution was programmed with the ControlSpace Remote app, ensuring the system is easy to operate and provides the variety of audio regardless of the space.

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Rogl explained, “We integrated the Dante functionality with the Bose Professional components to easily complete tasks with a standard network. This means that many amplifiers distributed throughout the building can output the desired audio signal from a central point.”

Rogllivtec incorporated other features to give the hotel guests an immersive experience like no other. With a streaming solution from Revox for the wellbeing areas, the employees can customize their playlist based on the day’s activity. In the new wellness and spa areas, specially developed sound effects such as the rhythms of a heartbeat integrate into the environmental acoustics. These contribute to relaxation, so nothing stands in the way of a day focused on selfcare.

Another example of the hotel’s uniqueness is the interactive projection found on the floor of the wellness areas. Here fish are projected and automatically follow guests as they walk. This level of dynamic technology required the appropriate audio compliment, reinforcing the ‘beyond extraordinary’ environments found throughout the hotel.

With the wide array of products available through Bose Professional, it was an easy and efficient collaboration for Rogllivtec. The resulting audio solution met all the hotel’s audio goals — sound reinforcement, a future-proof solution that’s easy to use while creating ideal audio throughout every space.

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The audio solution plays a central part of the hotel’s atmosphere, flowing smoothly throughout each space enhancing the natural, enchanting ambience of the hotel. “Sound reinforcement is a harmonious integration of loudspeakers,” Rogl said. “Yet, in a venue with so many branches, sound reinforcement also means the distribution of audio signals will work now and in the future.”

In addition to the ControlSpace control centers, hotel staff can use the app individually programmed for mobile devices and computers. This allows staff to move freely around and freely select the desired content and volume from any position.

“We achieved our goals with our Bose Professional system, with the Pure Organic Spa being a perfect example,” Zimmermann remarked. “It was a great collaboration effort throughout the project.”

 — Gert Zimmermann 

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Rogllivtec GmbH & Co KG offers multimedia solutions from a single source. As masters at sound reinforcement technology and multiroom audio, from the simple to the high-end, their expertise delivers true sound experiences for its clients.


Angel Wellness Hotel Case Study

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