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Designed for quickturn installations, Bose Professional Commercial Sound Processors (CSPs) streamline sound system operation with intelligent sound level automation, intuitive interfaces, and preset configurations, enabling faster deployment without sacrificing quality or precision. Ideal for cafes, retail shops, offices, shopping, fitness, and bars, CSPs ensure swift operability for an exceptional audio experience.

Equipped with a suite of compatible loudspeakers, amplifiers, and controls, Bose Professional CSPs facilitate effortless, consistent installations.

The onboard configuration utility coupled with a browser-based UI accelerates the setup process. Real-time display of levels, routing, and other critical settings simplifies configuration, enhancing speed and accuracy while reducing the time to go live.

The CSP processors act as the sound system brain. They process, route, and control audio from the inputs to the loudspeakers. The diagram explains the basic system signal flow.

CSP integrates these types of professional audio devices together

The CSP platform provides two models: CSP-428 and CSP-1248. Each model is mountable in a standard 19-inch-wide rack and is only 1RU (rack unit) high.

CSP-428 rear panel view

CSP-1248 rear panel view


Now, you can program CSP device settings offline with the new Configuration Utility app. Watch the teaser video to learn more.


The ‘Software Explained’ section on this page provides details about the applications used with CSP devices.


Network-based architecture streamlines system configuration and control

A standardized Ethernet method uses simplified Cat-5 or Cat-6 wiring to connect computers and wall controllers, incorporating Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities.

CSP supports both DHCP and static IP schemes, ensuring flexibility and scalability. It significantly reduces installation and maintenance complexity, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for modern control environments.

Experience a simplified system setup and maintenance with our browser-based user interface

Get instant access through your standard web browser on any Mac or PC. Embrace the ease of programming your CSP with an intuitive interface, designed with the user in mind.

Take control with real-time data on levels, routing, thresholds, and priorities for rapid, precise configurations.

Say goodbye to lengthy installations and hello to enhanced precision and reliability.

Watch the video to learn about the programming workflow


Zone your sound system to tailor the audio to the specific needs of each area

From a top-down view of a typical restaurant, CSPs can create up to five distinct listening areas.

Effortlessly control each zone using our optional wall-mounted ControlCenter digital controllers or the ControlSpace Remote app.

With these tools, you can adjust sound levels, select audio sources, and manage multiple outputs per area using just one controller.

AutoVolume maintains optimal sound levels

CSP, equipped with AutoVolume technology, intelligently adjusts sound levels in real time, adapting to fluctuating ambient noise as people come and go, ensuring the music remains at the ideal level.

The CSP-1248 processor can accommodate up to five AVM-1 units, allowing one per listening zone. Meanwhile, the CSP-428 processor supports up to two AVM-1 units, limited by its two available mic/line inputs.

Take control with ControlCenter digital controllers

Choose from our range of optional network-enabled ControlCenter digital controllers, all powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet). Select the CC-1D for basic volume control, the CC-2D for volume and two-source selection, or the CC-3D for volume and four-source selection, available in black or white finishes.

Adapt to regional requirements with models for North American, Japanese, and European electrical boxes—the latter as a complete wall plate.

SmartBass automation dynamically livens up the environment

An exclusive functionality that delivers the perfect bass level—noticeable yet never overpowering. Designed to work at any volume, SmartBass uses advanced EQ filters and customized limiting to harmonize with room acoustics, ensuring a consistently rich and balanced bass experience.

The technology accounts for the ear’s varying sensitivity to frequencies at different sound levels, adding depth at low volumes and ensuring balance when it’s loud. Simplified calibration aligns the system’s gain structure, enabling consistent benefits of SmartBass: full bass at low levels and even sound at high.

Unique to SmartBass, an excursion limiter fine-tunes output, maximizing musicality and volume.

Experience the convenience of automated source and level changes throughout the day with our time scheduler feature

Easily program time scheduled changes to your sound system based on days and hours.

The system will automatically adjust your input sources and their levels for each defined listening area. Say goodbye to making changes throughout the day—let CSP do it for you automatically.

Achieve sound level balance between audio sources with Opti-Source level management

This feature not only provides a seamless transition but also maintains a uniform sound experience across all sources.

Enhance your audio system’s performance with Opti-Source level management—make the switch to Bose Professional CSP today and notice the difference in your next sound system install.

Struggle no more with uneven audio levels between different sources. Opti-Source level management, exclusively provided by CSP, monitors and adjusts the input levels of up to four sources to ensure consistent volume when switching between them.



This is a common CSP-428 system layout with 4 listening areas


This section explains how to configure the CSP offline, discover its IP address, and access its browser-based user interface, covering each software use.

The Configuration Utility application for Mac or PC provides offline setup of key settings such as input parameter, output settings including loudspeaker presets, listening area, and time scheduler.

Once your configuration is complete, effortlessly export the file to your computer and seamlessly upload it to the CSP device once it’s online.

The Discovery Tool application for PC enables quick discovery of the IP addresses for CSP and ControlCenter digital controllers on the network.

Once the CSP’s IP address has been discovered, open a standard web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, and enter the IP address into the URL bar to view the CSP’s browser-based user interface in real-time.

You can configure the CSP device from start or import a file from the Configuration Utility and complete the remaining setup for the CSP, ControlCenter controllers, and AVM-1 sense microphone settings, which require real-time configuration.


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