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Sound that captures and connects

The art of live sound unites artist and audience, turning a night out into an unforgettable journey.

Performing Arts Spaces

Why Bose Professional

Bose Professional sound systems connect the art of performance to the science of sound. Our loudspeakers, amplifiers, and signal processors are built to create real audience impact, designed with precision to perform reliably, delivering sound with depth and clarity, so the audience hears exactly what each artist intends.

Complete systems to suit any venue

Of course, loudspeakers are only as good as the system supporting them. So we’ve created an entire range of complementary products, such as Bose Professional PowerMatch amplifiers and ControlSpace processors, to ensure your sound reinforcement system has everything covered.

Seamless line of sight

The performance should be the center of attention, not the sound equipment. Innovative technology and design help our products work within the sight lines and visual design of performing arts centers, while offering both clear vocal intelligibility and natural-sounding music.

Sound support anywhere

Our systems can cover anywhere in the house; boxes to balcony; in the lobby, green room, and at center stage. For any size or style of venue; studio or black box, historic proscenium, in-the-round, or even open-air. We also offer full line of portable sound system to fill those spaces you need to equip right away.

“When we switched to the Bose Professional system, the results were immediately noticeable and significantly improved…we were impressed by two things: the intelligibility and total coverage of the venue. We get a sound with outstanding clarity.”

— Joel Ramírez
Audio Engineer and Production Supervisor, Querétaro Metropolitan Center


  • Ace of Spades
  • Boston Opera House
  • The Bottom Line
  • Bucerius Kunst Forum
  • CabaRay
  • Cabaret Des Peches
  • Celebrity Theater
  • Centene Center Performing Arts Facility
  • Listening Room
  • Lucky Strike Live
  • The Mermaid Theatre
  • Novecento
  • Quarterhouse
  • Querétaro Metropolitan Center
  • Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
  • Shanghai Art Theater
  • Spencer Theater
  • TauberPhilharmonie
  • Teatro Comunale di Tarquinia
  • Teatro Manzoni
  • Think Loud – Live
  • Water-Light-Concert Planten un Blomen
  • Westgate International Theater
  • Wohnstift am Tiergarten
Teatro Manzoni

Teatro Manzoni

Founded in 1870 and named after Italian poet, novelist and philosopher Alessandro Manzoni, Teatro Manzoni is among the most prestigious Italian theaters protected by the fine arts stewardship. Located in the center of Milan, in the heart of the fashion district not far from Via Montenapoleone and Piazza della Scala, the theater was reconstructed in 1950 after the building was demolished in a bombing during World War II.

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Wohnstift am Tiergarten concert hall

Wohnstift am Tiergarten

The Wohnstift am Tiergarten, an upscale retirement community, was founded in 1972 in an idyllic suburban location in the east of Nuremberg, close to the Lorenzer Reichswald nature reserve and the Nuremberg Zoo.

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Querétaro Metropolitan Center

Querétaro Metropolitan Center

The Querétaro Metropolitan Theater & Convention Center is located two hours outside of Mexico City in the city of Querétaro, Mexico. It’s a space for the community, private companies and more to gather and engage in exciting events and dynamic performances – but it needed new capabilities to match.

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