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ControlSpace Remote app

The ControlSpace Remote app provides wireless control of networked Bose Professional system components. Personalized for each end user’s device, various functions of the system can be adjusted, such as

  • Volume levels and mute state
  • Source selection
  • Parameter set recall

ControlSpace Remote app is available as a free download for the following platforms:

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ControlSpace Remote Builder

ControlSpace Remote builder software is used by system integrators to create custom control panels that are sent to the ControlSpace Remote app. Using control panel templates from within Bose Professional ControlSpace builder, integrators are able to quickly create unique interfaces for wireless control of Bose Professional networked pro audio systems.

System designs created in ControlSpace Designer™ software are easily imported into ControlSpace Remote builder software. Defined system control elements such as volume, mute, source selection, tone EQ and parameter sets are assigned to end-user friendly templates. Multiple app designs—each personalized for a specific user’s control needs—can be created and tested from ControlSpace Remote builder and sent wirelessly to mobile devices on the control network.

ControlSpace Remote builder now supports Unicode characters, enabling users around the world to create unique interfaces with ease!

Check out the videos below to learn how to create your first panel:

ControlSpace Remote Admin

ControlSpace Remote admin is intended to be used by local IT / managers that want to be able to push ControlSpace Remote designs to new devices without having to involve the integrator. There is no ability to modify the ControlSpace Remote design ensuring design integrity is maintained. Versions are available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.



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