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Provide a portable PA system for your next event

Live performance to corporate event — every great venue needs sound to match.

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Why Bose Professional

When it comes to live music, artists aren’t there to babysit a PA and audiences don’t come to look at loudspeakers. Everyone is there for the experience, to connect, unwind, and be in the moment. That’s why — whether it’s portable PA or permanently installed array — Bose Professional systems are all designed for operational simplicity, stunning clarity, and satisfying consistency and power.

Sound that fills every seat

To deliver a great audio experience, you need consistent coverage. So we’ve spent years developing technologies that make portable PAs and installed loudspeakers true conduits of connection between artists and their audiences — from our L1 Pro systems that offer 180-degree coverage to our AM line array modules that feature innovative DeltaQ technology.

Portable or permanent

Indoors or out. Installed for a decade or set up for the weekend. Whatever the venue, we have sound reinforcement solutions to meet the need and thrill the audience — from our portable, powered F1 Model 812 with its instantly adjustable coverage pattern to our versatile AMM line, which can be deployed as mains, monitors, fills, or delays.

Complete systems to suit any venue

Of course, loudspeakers are only as good as the system supporting them. So we’ve created an entire range of complementary products, including versatile amplifiers, DSPs, plus utility loudspeakers — such as the Bose Professional AMU line — to ensure your sound reinforcement system has everything covered.

“The L1 Pro32 is most likely the last PA system most DJs will ever need to purchase; with enough power to handle even the largest events…it really is that good.”

— DJ Holland


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