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Sound Excellence for Your Culinary Ambiance

Whether you operate a cozy independent bistro or manage a bustling restaurant chain, our tailored sound solutions are ready to meet and exceed your culinary establishment’s audio requirements.

Why Bose Professional

Embrace the advantage of your physical restaurant space by offering a memorable experience with business music system that set the atmosphere for your dining guests. A Bose Professional systems brings premium-quality sound performance that encourages customers to return time and again.

Seamless Integration for a Distinct Brand Presence

Our solutions prioritize showcasing your brand, seamlessly blending into your restaurant’s aesthetic. With features like self-adjusting volume, built-in enhancements for exceptional audio quality at any level, and discreetly designed loudspeakers that complement any decor, our systems ensure your brand takes center stage.

Scalable Solutions Tailored to Your Budget and Space

Whether you’re launching a small eatery, expanding into a larger space, or already a well-known establishment, our flexible range of solutions caters to every budget and space requirement. Explore portable sound systems that can be set up on the fly, perfect for events like celebrity autograph signings or designer trunk shows.

Enhanced Operational Experience for Your Staff

Empower your staff to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than dealing with complex audio equipment. Our restaurant music systems offer an improved operational experience for your employees, featuring intuitive controls and smart, automated settings that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

“The Bose Professional and Evolution AV team worked to make sure we hit a home run, and I believe we did! The process was very smooth, and we are extremely happy with the finished product.”

— Kevin Krupski
New York Beer Project


  • Angel Wellness Hotel
  • Arnold’s
  • Britannia Hotel
  • Brother’s Fish and Chips
  • Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel
  • Fernblick Hotel
  • Forester Restaurant & Altitude Bar
  • General Bourke
  • Hotel 1624
  • Hotel Ottilia
  • Lake Breeze Wine
  • L’Escargot
  • Nathalies Bistro
  • New York Beer Project
  • Norrøna House
  • O’Brasileiro Restaurant
  • Ostenhuset
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Slipstream Brewery
  • Soho
  • Telegrafen Oslo
  • Tiger Lane
  • Tod’s Boutique
  • UNIQLO State Street
  • Zelva Rooftop


Arnold’s, located in Stockholm’s city center at Stureplan, has been a loyal customer of Bose Professional. Formerly home to Laroy nightclub, the building underwent a full renovation, unveiling Arnold’s restaurant, a separate bar area, and Coquetel Social—a Rio de Janeiro-inspired cocktail bar. The basement now houses two additional bar concepts, offering diverse spaces for various moods. The audio design at Arnold’s ensures a distinctive sound experience, whether indoors or at the popular outdoor seating area.

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Bose FreeSpace 3 in-ceiling loudspeakers shown in the main bar area

General Bourke

General Bourke is a pub in Sydney’s western suburb of Parramatta. The pub’s story traces back to the early 1900s with much of its charm and architectural features still beautifully preserved. While the venue has changed ownership over the years, it is currently owned by Iris Hotel Group. With a view to modernize the venue while staying true to its significant status in the Parramatta area, Iris Hotel Group put General Bourke through a thorough refurbishment to make it a true destination venue with something for everyone. Within the building you’ll find a plush gaming room with Asian-inspired décor, a sports bar, VIP lounge, modern bistro with outdoor dining, and a larger main bar perfect for afternoon drinks and conversation.

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Telegrafen Oslo Featured Image

Telegrafen Oslo

Oslo’s latest nightlife addition, Telegrafen, is an experience all its own. Located in the historic “telegraph building” in Kongens gate 21, it’s a trip back in time to the 60s, 70s and 80s — but not without cutting-edge experiences and technology. The 3,200-square-meter venue consists of six modern and flexible event rooms, five unique bars, and three game zones with over 40 games and activities — such as darts and the Dutch shuffleboard game Sjoelbak. Telegrafen Oslo is designed to give visitors the ultimate combination of delicious food, high-quality facilities, a pleasant atmosphere and engaging, memorable entertainment.

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