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Arnold's seating area

Arnold’s, one of Stockholm’s newest and most exciting restaurants, is located in Stureplan, one of the main squares in Stockholm’s city center. A long-standing customer of Bose Professional, the building has housed several of Stureplansgruppen’s restaurant, bar and nightclub concepts over the years. Before Arnold’s, the bottom floor held the famous nightclub Laroy for many years. In early 2019, Arnold’s restaurant and its separate bar area opened. This was followed a short time later by a Rio de Janerio-inspired classic cocktail bar, Coquetel Social, which opened on the same floor as Arnold’s. During the late fall of 2019, two additional bar-concepts opened in the building’s basement, completing the full- building renovation and utilizing all Stureplansgruppen’s facilities—creating multiple unique spaces to fit any mood. The audio design of Arnold’s delivered a unique sound experience, whether in the main part of the restaurant or its popular summertime outdoor seating area.


Bar area in Arnold's

When Arnold’s was ready for an audio solution that fit its needs, Stureplansgruppen had just finished an installation in a hotel in Stockholm in partnership with Bose Professional that utilized the Panaray MSA12X modular steerable array loudspeakers. Based on their experience, Stureplansgruppen specifically requested the Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers for both the restaurant and the separate bar area, in addition to two MB210 compact subwoofers per room. The Bose Professional audio solution was aesthetically pleasing, provided clear background music and was complementary to the restaurant’s interior design. The entire building’s audio—whether in Arnold’s or throughout the unique bar venues—are powered by five PowerMatch PM8500 power amplifiers and controlled via one ControlSpace ESP-1240AD engineered sound processor. This centralized architecture provided additional flexibility and allowed for local DJ inputs and easy system management for staff members without taking away from their customer-focused duties.

“Everything works extremely well. Bose Professional is our obvious choice when it comes to sound, and we have Bose Professional installed in most of our different entities around Stockholm. The sound setup in the Arnold’s building is user-friendly and easily managed by the staff. The products themselves look good and don’t interfere aesthetically with our different design concepts, which is always an important factor for us.”

— Jesper Svensson
Project Leader, Stureplansgruppen