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Oslo’s latest nightlife addition, Telegrafen, is an experience all its own. Located in the historic “telegraph building” in Kongens gate 21, it’s a trip back in time to the 60s, 70s and 80s — but not without cutting-edge experiences and technology. 

The 3,200-square-meter venue consists of six modern and flexible event rooms, five unique bars, and three game zones with over 40 games and activities — such as darts and the Dutch shuffleboard game Sjoelbak. Telegrafen Oslo is designed to give visitors the ultimate combination of delicious food, high-quality facilities, a pleasant atmosphere and engaging, memorable entertainment.

Telegrafen Oslo guest space

Modern amenities, art and furniture all combine with the original artwork and architectural elements from as far back as 1916 to make Telegrafen Oslo a blast-from-the-past experience. All this doesn’t mean that its designers would be satisfied with audio capabilities that were stuck in a bygone era — and system integrator Bravo turned to a robust suite of Bose Professional products to form a holistic solution that could keep pace with all the varied experiences guests can have within the space

Telegrafen Oslo conference room

A day inside Telegrafen Oslo could include everything from a conference in a customizable event room to lunch from the venue’s impressive kitchen to a darts tournament in a bar with a distinctly 80s vibe or a full, luxurious, three course meal and a late night of dancing and socializing.

That variety is attractive to visitors — but it presented a potential headache for audio engineers and staff. How can a space with so much to offer leverage a diverse, yet holistic audio solution that’s powerful and versatile enough to cater to all of these experiences without interfering with the blend of heritage and high-tech?


Telegrafen Resepsjon Horizontal

“We needed a partner who could ensure high-quality sound in big, flexible spaces, larger educational facilities, restaurants, bars — in other words, we needed distinct solutions suitable for everything from fun, experiential sound to clear audio for conferencing,” said Steffen Johansen, technical project manager for system integrator Bravo. “We needed a provider that could deliver products that met all of our needs, not one that only provides the loudspeakers.”

To ensure Skagstindgruppen, which owns Telegrafen Oslo, was satisfied with the final audio solution, Bravo turned to Bose Professional solutions.

Telegrafen Oslo Videobar VB1

The final suite included 14 distinct products serving different roles throughout the venue for a cohesive, elegant audio solution. Products included DesignMax inceiling loudspeakers, Panaray MA12 family of modular columnar array loudspeakers, PowerSpace and PowerMatch amplifiers, and the Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device. 

While the diverse selection of loudspeakers provided a superior sound experience and integrated into the different styles throughout the building, having the Videobar VB1 in the conferencing space ensured transparent conferencing technology for high productivity and ease of use for guests.

The Videobar VB1 provides truly intuitive and quick connectivity with the single cable.

Telegrafen Oslo Restaurant

The DesignMax family of loudspeakers enable the best possible audio experience for visitors in the conference rooms and restaurants, no matter where they are. Couple that with intuitive and simple control via ControlSpace products and powerful sound from Panaray loudspeakers and PowerSpace amplifiers, the resulting solution is truly ready for anything.

“I had no doubt that Bravo and Bose Professional would deliver exactly what was needed for each unique space,” said Jørn Akerhaugen of Skagstindgruppen. “The end result exceeded my expectations, and I’m proud to show everybody how incredible each space is — they’re all amazing. I’m so proud of how everything fits into the aesthetic and character of our venue and how easy the solutions are to use.”

When guests enter the venue, the audio compliments the aesthetics, enhances their experience, and never becomes a distraction, regardless of where they are or their activities

“Everything in here is fantastic. I never worry that I’ll get a call on a busy night that something isn’t working — Bose Professional solutions simply perform, and we really created the ideal solution.”

— Steffen Johansen
Technical Project Manager, Bravo

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Telegrafen Oslo Case Study

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