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The Tokyo University of Science, located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading science and technology universities. The Department of Management of Technology (MOT) is the graduate-focused program within the Graduate School of Management. Working closely with students, MOT fosters the next generation of advanced professionals to integrate science, technology, and management principles in response to the rapid changes in society and business today.

As a university committed to diversity, MOT attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, many holding positions at leading companies in Japan. Also among the students are retired individuals who continue to deepen their knowledge while sharing their own professional experience.

Vb1 on Monitor

Since lectures are held mainly in the evenings and on Saturdays, students can travel to MOT from outside the central Tokyo area. MOT is a gathering place that welcomes all to learn from its distinguished professors and grow through varied discussions.

In addition to expanding one’s knowledge, the intellectual environment and exposure to differing values creates a unique learning environment — reinforcing the importance of clear communication for both MOT and students.


Bright Classroom With Chairs

Sony Marketing Corporation — a Bose Professional partner dealer and one of Japan’s leading technology companies — responded to MOT’s needs. Sony installed its latest AI technology camera, which enabled automatic tracking of the professor and clear video delivery of the whiteboards. Sony ceiling microphones provided the necessary audio quality for both in-classroom speech reinforcement and online distribution, while providing a more hygienic solution than handheld mics.

In combination with the Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers that elevate speech intelligibility, the solution provides natural amplification with minimal feedback throughout the fan-shaped, theater classroom. At the core of the system is the ControlSpace EX1280-C conferencing processor, which distributes clear audio to online students via a connected PC, creating the sense of a unified classroom. The hardware collaboration between Bose Professional and Sony, and the on-site acoustic room tuning by engineers from both companies exceeded MOT’s requirements — the hybrid classroom was a complete success.

Monitor with VB1 in Classroom

For the smaller room used primarily for group discussions and the mid-sized classroom where students learn about stock price movements, the team installed the Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device to provide an intuitive solution that provided both Bose Professional-quality audio and ultra-HD clarity for online communication.

“The energy of the classroom is now shared with those who participate via Zoom,” Wakabayashi stated. “Our desire to have transparent technology created a sense of unity by eliminating the barrier between online and in-classroom learning.”

Thanks to the 4K ultra-HD camera, microphone and loudspeaker, MOT now has a superior, high-quality AV solution that delivers a seamless flex learning experience. The distribution system enabled professors to deliver high-value, quality lectures with guest speakers to a wider audience, since the number of participants is no longer limited to in-person students.

While hybrid learning has its challenges, MOT has turned the situation into one with lasting benefits. Now MOT can provide the option of both in-person and remote learning in perpetuity, which provides an opportunity for even more inclusivity and diversity by allowing students who work or those located outside of Japan to enroll. Because of the virtual aspect, professors can also record the lecture, which includes both classroom and chat discussions, providing an archive for on-demand learning.

Wakabayashi sees additional potential in the hybrid classroom solution made possible by Sony and Bose Professional. “It’s a great advantage to have solutions with both video and audio, and to be able to propose custom solutions for each learning space,” Wakabayashi explained. “I hope the knowledge gained at MOT will be further disseminated. For MOT students, learning is both an intellectual endeavor and entertainment. It is possible to deliver the entire lesson online with greater context using the power of technology.”

Wakabayashi continued, “I also feel that the more we expand the online aspect of our lives, the more we will realize and value the preciousness of experiences and encounters in real, actual places.”

The ideal educational environment for the next generation is cutting-edge video and audio technology that is intuitive and can amplify the excitement and enthusiasm of the classroom — both onsite and online. MOT has taken a leading step toward realizing this new future.

“I feel that the energy of the classroom can now be shared with those who participate remotely. To create a sense of unity by eliminating the difference between online and onsite, that was our greatest focus.”

 — Professor Hideki Wakabayashi

Director of MOT


Tokyo University of Science

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