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A Guide to Selecting AV Production Systems for Large Events

An AV production system plays an essential role in delivering a strong audio and visual experience, whether in a large conference space or a meeting with in-office and remote attendees. Experts estimate that up to half of the office-based workforce currently has hybrid work arrangements. As many employees adapt to a hybrid work setting, organizations are reevaluating their audio and video solutions to ensure their corporate event PA systems meet their new needs. These are the five main considerations regarding an organization’s AV needs.

Consider Both Big Picture and Individual Audiences

Hosting large meetings with both in-person and virtual participants can create unique challenges. IT leaders must consider the on-site experience of users calling in, whether they’re on-site in an overflow area outside the main meeting space or calling in from a remote location. At the same time, these audio and video systems must optimize performance for remote workers. Organizations must consider the systems that best support users as well as the larger framework for a cohesive experience.

Provide Quality At-Home Work Solutions

With many hybrid workers relying on company-issued equipment, it’s important to first determine what audio and video equipment employees may use from home offices. Some questions to consider include:

  • Does the device have a 4K camera for video meetings?
  • What is the sound quality of the device, taking into account both the speaker quality for listening and the microphone for speaking during conference calls? Does it enable clear teleconferencing and videoconferencing?
  • Does the device offer solutions such as easy installation and single-cable connectivity that minimize troubleshooting
  • Could accessories such as noise cancelling headphones minimize distraction and promote better collaboration?

Make the Most of Huddle Spaces

To reduce overhead costs and support an increased demand for remote work options, many offices are transitioning to hoteling — also known as shared office spaces — for employees who often work from home. Huddle areas or common spaces help connect on-site employees to larger groups as virtual participants or speakers. Simple solutions for excellent audio capture, playback, and high-quality video can turn a conference room into a great listening area or provide a setting for a keynote speaker. In addition, all-in-one USB conferencing devices can reduce troubleshooting and empower employees to connect to events.

Balance Video and Sound

Virtual meetings happen on two core dimensions: audio and video. Audio quality is vital no matter where audiences are participating, and research shows that video helps participants build deeper relationships, even in remote environments.

In addition to the videobar devices for small-to-medium-sized conference rooms and huddle spaces, flexible ceiling microphone solutions provide an easy-to-manage option for larger meeting spaces and auditoriums. Flexible audio setups can adapt to the in-person layouts that work for on-site participants, all without sacrificing audio quality for remote listeners. IT leaders should consider cameras for transmitting on-site visuals as well as high-quality large screens that bring meeting attendees face-to-face, no matter where they’re located.

Provide an Engagement Platform

Today’s best AV production solutions for large events include engagement features such as chat, the ability to share presentation decks, and the ability to switch the spotlight to guests for Q&As. When used strategically, these features foster both engagement and a stronger sense of workplace culture. Consider selecting an AV solution that integrates with videoconferencing and unified communications solutions platforms. These platforms often have additional features like ongoing chat streams, interactive polls, or virtual breakout rooms. The right corporate event PA systems let organizations make the most of today’s groundbreaking conference technology and can eliminate common challenges.

Choose Solutions That Bring It All Together

Organizations and their IT teams face complex challenges when supporting large events, especially in today’s hybrid landscape. From industry conferences to company-wide meetings, the right audio and video equipment can create collaborative, engaging environments that bring teams together — no matter where they’re working from.

A blank video screen in front of a large conference table.

A company’s AV system provides an important connection to virtual events for hybrid employees.