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Hardware Manager – Firmware Update

To update the firmware in a ControlSpace® device, open the Hardware Manager and click on the Firmware Update tab. For any devices that are running older firmware, the Status column on the right side of the Hardware Manager will have a red background and the checkbox next to the Device Name field will be automatically checked.

Firmware Update
  • If you want to update the firmware in all out-of-date devices, click the Update button at the bottom of the Device List.
  • If you want to update the firmware in only some of the devices, turn the checkboxes next to the Device Name field on or off until there are checkmarks next to only the devices you want to update, then click the Update button at the bottom of the Device List.

It is very important that the device remain powered on during the entire firmware update process. A loss of power to the device during the firmware update process could result in a device that is unable to boot

Firmware Update In Progress

Sending the firmware file to the device will take at least 90 seconds, perhaps longer depending on your network and the type of firmware update being done. When that is finished, you will be prompted to reboot the device. Rebooting will take at least 30 seconds and may take longer if subcomponents within the device are being updated. 

Firmware Update Successful

After the first reboot, if the device is an EX series DSP, the AEC firmware may need to be updated. This process will happen automatically and will require an additional automatic update. As with the main firmware update, this entire process may take several minutes.

After the device has rebooted, click the Discover Devices button on the Hardware Manager. When the device is discovered, the Status column in the Hardware Manager will be green to indicate that this device’s firmware has been updated to the current version.

Status column in Hardware Manager Green