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Established 2015 in New York, New York Beer Project (NYBP) has become a community staple and major attraction; so much so that the founders Kelly and Kevin Krupski expanded from two locations to three, with the third much further south — to central Florida. In November 2022, New York Beer Project opened its Orlando, FL, location in the heralded Mark at Horizon West. The Mark, located in the Winter Garden area, encompasses 21 acres, and offers a thriving retail neighborhood.

NYBP Orlando occupies an expansive 24,000-square-foot building that includes a diverse layout featuring a gastropub, indoor beer garden, tap room, sidewalk bistro, and three upstairs event spaces, as well as a 5,000-square-foot brewery. Producing beers cultivated in-house, the brewery offers a wide selection of trendy seasonal offerings that change on a weekly basis.

The Krupski’s primary mission is ensuring guests have a remarkable experience each time they visit. Essential to this vision is having an AV system that meets all the brewery’s unique needs. “We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver different experiences to guests when they visit NYBP Orlando,” Kevin said.

NYBP Beer Tap Bar Area

To accomplish this superior auditory experience, the Krupskis selected local integrator Evolution AV to lead the project in November 2021.

“The facility and all the details — including the AV system — that we present to our customers was very important to us,” Kevin noted.

The Krupskis envisioned creating a cohesive branding experience in line with the New York locations. Thus, NYBP Orlando required speakers that could emit sound to match a high-energy environment; ones that were not only the best quality, but also multi-functional to accommodate each room’s unique design.

With Winter Park housing more than twenty competitive breweries (and growing), aesthetics were another crucial component. NYBP Orlando would require a system where each room could be customized to ensure a clean, sleek, and inconspicuous installation.

“We like to create distinct experiences in each room, and we needed to ensure that our AV system could accomplish that,” Kevin explained.

The Orlando’s location features three upstairs banquet/ ballroom spaces, all designed to immerse guests in a New York City scene: the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, the Barn on the Hudson Room, and the Botanical Garden Room.

Meanwhile, the Gastropub boasts a shabby-chic warehouse vibe, and Tap Room displays an inspiring view of the brewing magic.


chandelier at brewery with DM Speaker

Working directly with the Krupskis, Steve Juan, owner of Evolution AV, was determined to build a new system that would exceed expectations in performance, quality and variety, and aesthetics.

Evolution AV chose Bose Professional’s DesignMax loudspeakers for its superior quality and performance and variety capabilities. “We were able to use one product line — DesignMax — and utilize the different loudspeakers within that line whether it was in-ceiling loudspeakers in the event spaces or surface mount in the restaurant space, and the weather-rated speakers outside on the patio,” Juan boasted.

The DesignMax series offers rich lows and clear, intelligible highs for the most pristine sound for every occasion.

With the option of both black and white colors available, the loudspeakers discreetly blend into each room’s décor while still complementing the premium commercial sound installation.

Bose Professional DM Speakers

Despite each room’s varied structure, the loudspeakers’ flexible installation capabilities made designing the solution a breeze. Between the in-ceiling, surface-mount, and pendant models, plus high-SPL compression-driver and low-profile models for the tight spaces, NYBP Orlando’s needs were met with ease.

To finish the solution, Evolution AV installed additional coaxial two-way loudspeakers and subwoofers to accommodate both background and foreground audio applications.

“The DesignMax loudspeakers not only provide a very clean and sleek look that blends into the room design, but they ensure that no matter what room the customer is in and what song is playing, the customer always has an exceptional experience,” Kevin said.

Special Events area of NYBP

NYBP Orlando opened its doors one year after its original consultation with Evolution AV. With DesignMax loudspeakers installed throughout the expansive NYBP Orlando, guests now enjoy diverse, craft beers and a full menu of food and drink while enjoying exceptional sound in each room’s lively atmosphere.

“This year has been very difficult to get product and the fact that we were able to get product from Bose Professional and meet the timeline was a big deal,” Juan said.

The collaborative work between Evolution AV and Bose Professional — from sales to engineering to install — proved essential to the successful grand opening of this significant project.

NYBP logo

“The quality of Bose Professional speaks for itself. Evolution AV did a great job meeting our needs and continually making tweaks and programming changes until we
got exactly what we wanted from an AV standpoint,” Kevin remarked.

Now, more than 10,000 beer enthusiasts visit the brewery each week, enjoying the ambience of crisp, clean audio sound no matter where they are in the brewery. The Bose Professional DesignMax loudspeaker solution complements the structure’s design by blending flawlessly and subtly with the powerful visual elements needed for each iconic-themed room.

“The Bose Professional and Evolution AV team worked to make sure we hit a homerun, and I believe we did! The process was very smooth, and we are extremely happy with the finished product,” Kevin exclaimed.

“The Bose Professional and Evolution AV team worked to make sure we hit a homerun, and I believe we did! The process was very smooth, and we are extremely happy with the finished product.”

— Kevin Krupski
New York Beer Project

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Evolution AV’s team is certified and constantly trained to master these ever-changing technologies. Our goal is to deliver systems that meet your needs, are easy to use, and exceed your expectations. With Over 25 years of experience in luxury home and commercial system integration, the owner, Steve Juan, has the experience and knowledge to deliver the finest installed electronic systems. While Steve has the vision, our team executes and provides the service and support.


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