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Avex Inc. has been a leading company in the Japanese music scene and entertainment market for over thirty years.

Starting as a wholesale and distribution business of imported records in 1988, the company developed its music business focusing on artists and their music, including music package sales, distribution, merchandising and live production. Implementing new ideas and innovative measures to influence industries is at Avex’s core.

Since its inception, it has developed into a 360-degree business approach that includes: artist, model and talent management; animation and video business; and digital platform service. Today, more than 1,400 employees continue to create an unmatched, collaborative music culture. In 2022, Avex moved its headquarters from Aoyama, Tokyo, to Azabu- Juban, a trendy but laid-back area boasting a plethora of shops and restaurants.

Avex’s Manager of General Affairs Group, Tatsuomi Hosoya, led the relocation project, communicating very high expectations for what the company would achieve through this relocation.

“We wanted to bring back and foster the natural creativity of new ideas with the energy and vitality we previously experienced through face-to-face interactions, which became difficult to recreate under the pandemic limitations where telecommuting was the norm,” he explained. “Our goal was to create richer, more valuable incidental communication not only in the conference rooms, but also in the cafeteria and open office spaces.”

To realize this, Hosoya knew both video and audio quality played a key role in capturing and delivering information in a way that felt natural and removed the barrier distance can create, resulting in an experience where participants were effortlessly engaged.

Avex Front Lobby


Avex Conference Room with VB1

These new plans and ideas required numerous internal and external meetings. While Google Meet was the main unified communications (UC) platform, Avex wanted a highly flexible bring-your-own-meeting room environment to seamlessly integrate with other UC platforms that may be preferred by external parties — such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In addition to seamless onsite screen sharing, it was important that people’s voices sounded natural while speaking and facial expressions were easy to read, ensuring clearer understanding by everyone involved.

The Bose Professional Videobar VB1 and Barco ClickShare collaboration solution was installed in all meeting spaces: small meeting rooms for up to six people, medium-sized meeting rooms for up to ten participants, and a private room for executives. The ClickShare button plugs into a USB port on the meeting participant’s laptop, enabling wireless screensharing to monitors in the room, while the Videobar VB1 provides the convenience of an all-in-one USB videoconferencing experience — including Bose Professional quality audio and a 4K ultra-HD camera. The same system was used in each room, making the operation consistent and creating an environment that is intuitive, easy and stress-free for anyone to use.

Avex Common Area

Noriomi Kusakabe of GAKKI ONKYO, LTD., who supported the system installation, commented on the reasoning behind choosing the solution.

“If the microphones, loudspeakers and cameras are separate products, the connection becomes complicated and confusing,” he explained.

“The Videobar VB1 is all-in-one, and with ClickShare, all you have to do is connect a single button and VB1 is recognized without any additional operation. Considering the variety of various UC platforms, we wanted the convenience of an AV solution that sounded and looked great and made screen sharing easy, regardless of the platform used.”

After receiving a proposal from GAKKI ONKYO, Hosoya recalled the reasons for ultimately selecting Bose Professional’s flagship Videobar: “When I first learned about the VB1, my impression was that it was just perfect. Not only in terms of price and functionality, but also in terms of Bose Professional brand credibility and quality. Sound is very important to a company like ours that makes music for a living. People inside and outside the company look to see which manufacturers’ products Avex is using — even the conference room system — and Bose Professional was the right choice.”

VB1 on Conference Table

Hosoya added, “We’ve also had the confidence of having Bose Professional systems in our studios and other facilities for a long time. So we knew adding a Bose Professional conferencing solution to our meetings rooms would deliver the quality we needed and expected.”

The Videobar VB1 and Barco ClickShare proved to be a perfect fit for the new office environment. Avex has further strengthened its internal and external collaboration with a simple, smoothly integrated communication solution.

Little by little, the live entertainment and music industries are coming back to life, and people are once again sharing and enjoying music together. With an experience that was collectively shared on a global level, there is an increased need to share the last two years of experiences and emotions that can only be conveyed through music.

Avex is committed to creating a strong connection between entertainment and people through its mission to deliver inspiration and empathy to the world via diverse talents and supporting their creativity. With the new conferencing solutions, the company leverages superior audio and video in the office.

“When I first learned of the VB1, my impression was that it was just perfect. Not only in terms of price and functionality, but also in terms of Bose Professional brand credibility and quality. Sound is very important to a company like ours that makes music for a living.”

— Tatsuomi Hosoya
Manager, General Affairs Group
Avex Inc.

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GAKKI ONKYO, LTD. provides wholesale musical instruments and audio and video equipment. The staff boasts more than 30 years of experience in AV equipment planning and installation services for studios, live houses, restaurant facilities, and corporations. They also take great pride in providing detailed proposals and support tailored to their customers’ needs.


Avex Inc.

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