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Here’s what happened in vegas

We were so thrilled to meet everyone at InfoComm2024 and share all the latest from Bose Professional—including our exciting new product announcements. Check out our social media feed for event photos and posts from all our channels, which captured the highlights of the show.

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The best solution. The Best of Show.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Bose Professional’s new EdgeMax proprietary directional loudspeakers that debuted at InfoComm 2024 has been named Best in Show in the AV Technology category!

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Introducing new EdgeMax LP series. High-performance sound that’s literally out of sight.

Our new low-profile EdgeMax LP models feature a shallow backcan height of just 4 inches and lighter weight. They also feature an 80-degree vertical coverage angle for use in rooms that have lower ceilings, such as conferencing applications.


Bose Professional’s EdgeMax series combines high-fidelity sound with unique directionality to break free of the limitations of the in-ceiling loudspeaker category.

Featuring patented PhaseGuide® technology, The EdgeMax series sounds like a surface-mount loudspeaker, looks like an in-ceiling loudspeaker, and directs sound asymmetrically into spaces where traditional loudspeakers can’t go.

Watch the EdgeMax LP intro video here. 

Point-source performance in a compact, durable package. With new mounting accessories for even more install options.

Bose Professional’s AMU Series loudspeakers embody versatility and durability, delivering outstanding point-source performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Engineered to withstand the elements, the AMU series boasts a rock-solid design, including a weather protection input cover, a UV-resistant finish, and an IP55 rating.

Here at InfoComm, we’re excited to announce two new AMU series loudspeakers, the AMU108-120 and AMU208-120, both with 120° × 60° dispersion. Plus, new AMU mounting accessories provide even greater creative installation flexibility, including wall and overhead suspension, and a new pole mount adapter that offers portability for temporary audio setups.

ControlSpace Cloud enables remote system monitoring and troubleshooting of ControlSpace devices—from anywhere.

With ControlSpace Cloud, Bose Professional’s new cloud-based monitoring service, installers can quickly respond to and even anticipate system issues before their customer even knows there’s a problem. You can remotely monitor connection status, faults, errors, clipping and limiter activation. And best of all, it’s free.

Save up to 5x the time and reduce repetition for open architecture designs with ControlSpace Accelerator.

ControlSpace Accelerator is a powerful new cloud-based or local software tool used to initialize new ControlSpace Designer projects in a simple, intuitive interface. You can configure and accelerate your design with the basic building blocks already set in place. On average, it can deliver up to a 5x speed increase in the initial setup of CSD projects. And that’s just the beginning.

The two most requested upgrades for improved channel adoption with system integrators just became a reality—mixing and offline editing.

Our Commercial Sound Processors and PowerShare+ smart amplifiers now feature an input source mixing function, so each input source can be mixed and routed to every output zone. Also, you can now pre-program key settings offline before the product arrives onsite.

Now, the entire DesignMax surface-mount loudspeaker family is environment rated for outdoor use.

Engineered to withstand the elements, the new DMS8E features a rust-free aluminum grill, weather-sealed cover for the rear input terminal, and a weather and UV-resistant mounting bracket—all for the same price as the previous non-weatherized version.

DesignMax DM8S Right Facing Grille On Horizontal

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