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Create custom-fit designs in less time. Bose Professional Array Tool software helps AV system designers produce precise sound system designs quickly. The Array Tool features an intuitive interface and familiar workflow, so it requires minimal training. Using the direct-field calculation engine, you can quickly trial different loudspeaker models, placements, and coverage formations to best match the needs of the venue. Once designed, export ordering lists, rigging, and array information — so your loudspeaker designs move out of the virtual world and into the real world — in virtually no time.
Version 1.0 supports designing with the Panaray MSA12X loudspeaker — support for more Bose Professional loudspeaker models will be available in future versions.


Intuitive Workflow — Start experimenting with complex loudspeaker solutions in less than 15 minutes. A quick-start, three-step process minimizes the need for training, so you can move rapidly through the room design – from sketching the listener areas, to fitting loudspeakers to those areas, to saving an auto-generated report.

Quick-iteration Engine — Visualize the coverage effect on a venue in nearly real-time using intuitive drawing tools that allow you to place room surfaces and loudspeakers dynamically.

Production Output Reports — View and export output information for easy and accurate product ordering as well as parameters for on-site focusing, setup, and rigging.

Support for Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers — Version 1.0 supports designing with the Panaray MSA12X loudspeaker. Support for more Bose Professional loudspeaker models will be available in future versions.

Array Tool Software Download

To request access to Array Tool software, please submit the following registration form. Please note that you may be contacted via email when new updates become available.



What speakers are supported in the Array Tool software?

The Array Tool software supports the Panaray MSA12X. Future versions will support additional products.

What are the system requirements for Array Tool?

The minimum system requirements for running the Array Tool software are:
Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), macOS Sierra, or macOS High Sierra
Disk Space: 1 GB disk space
Minimum Monitor Resolution:1366 × 768 WXGA resolution (or higher)
Internet connection (wired or wireless) (optional)

If I have technical questions related to the Array Tool, whom should I contact?

Many of your questions can be answered by referring to the Array Tool software help file. You can also check for software updates and review application notes on this site for the latest information.

If these documentation sources do not answer your questions, please contact your local Corporation representative.