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Why Bose Professional

Bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose Professional to all your meeting experiences.

Today the workplace is every place: office, home, car, and coffee shop. So we have solutions that make any meeting better whether people are in the same room or in different hemispheres.

Our products integrate seamlessly with existing platforms, bringing enhanced video and audio performance to popular third-party cloud services. Simplify your meeting rooms with all-in-one USB solutions like Bose Professional Videobar VB-S and VB1. And design fully integrated, high-performance systems for the most demanding rooms using products like Bose Professional ControlSpace Designer software, EdgeMax loudspeakers, and ControlSpace EX processors.

The Sound of Work solutions help teams collaborate more effectively, moving beyond “good enough” audio and video so interactions are more natural, and people can hear more, see more, understand more, and work better.

Meetings at a moment’s notice

Collaboration doesn’t always happen in conference rooms. We offer a full line of portable sound systems to fill those spaces you need to equip right away, whether it’s a meeting in the cafeteria or an award ceremony in the lobby.

“Our instructions were very simple: create a smart work environment in which people can effortlessly and effectively communicate and cooperate with one another…with the aid of innovative, trendsetting audiovisual solutions, we’ve created the most state-of-the-art workplace.”

— Nick Jansen
Director, LC Packaging


  • Bank of Changsha Co Ltd
  • Boralex
  • Group Up
  • Grupo PSA
  • Harbor Regional Center
  • Johannesburg Council Chamber
  • Landgestüt Redefin
  • LC Packaging
  • Telegrafen Oslo
  • Triovest
  • WoJo
Boardroom Table With Chairs

Grupo PSA

Headquartered in Jalisco, Mexico, Grupo PSA is dedicated to the cultivation, production and distribution of high quality products containing blue agave — a popular plant known for its role as the base ingredient of tequila. With blue agave at the center of its business, the operations are based on a vertical business model that begins with the cultivation process at the production plant in western Mexico.

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Hallway of the LC Packaging office with Panaray MSA12X steerable array loudspeakers installed next to a TV.

LC Packaging

Picture Amsterdam in the 1920s. A bustling metropolis, it was full of wide lanes, commerce and unique cultural touchstones — and it turns out, many bag traders. The predominant packaging material of the time was the jute bag. Merchants purchased used bags, cleaned them, repaired them and sent them back out into the world — and Wilhelmus Lammers — known as Wim — was ready to join the fray.

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Telegrafen Oslo Featured Image

Telegrafen Oslo

Oslo’s latest nightlife addition, Telegrafen, is an experience all its own. Located in the historic “telegraph building” in Kongens gate 21, it’s a trip back in time to the 60s, 70s and 80s — but not without cutting-edge experiences and technology.

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Triovest meeting room


Triovest is a fully integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firm. With eight corporate offices across Canada and a team of almost 600 people, they manage 430 properties across the country equating to 41 million square feet.

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LARTOR conference room


In a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet close to the German metropolis of Munich, the boutique hotel LARTOR is embedded in the fascinating alpine landscape of the Ammergau Alps nature park. The hotel offers various conference room options, all aimed at providing a creative and inspiring atmosphere.

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