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Timers – Updating Objects

When an object has been added to a Timer, triggering that Timer will reset the parameters of the object to the values they had when the object was added to the Timer. If a parameter value in a Timer needs to be changed, recall the Timer, open the control panel for the object that needs to be changed, change the parameter to the correct value, and then drag the object into the Timer again. Each time an object is dragged into the Timer, the current value of all parameters in that object are stored in the Timer.

timers updating objects
timers updating objects 2

Rather than dragging and dropping, Timer values can also be updated by selecting Add To Timer from the right-click context menu of any object, and then selecting the appropriate timer.
When updating parameters in a Timer, it is important to remember that all saved parameters for that processing object are updated. Best practice would be to always recall the Timer before changing the parameters in the processing object to ensure that only the correct parameters are changed.