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Timers – Add to Parameter Set

Most objects cannot be added directly to a Timer. To use a Timer to control these objects, the object must first be added to a Parameter Set and then the Parameter Set is added to a Timer.

Selecting Project Directory from the Window menu will open the Project Directory window in ControlSpace® Designer. The Project Directory lists every device, object, Parameter Set, Group, and Timer in the current project. A Parameter Set may be added to a Timer by dragging that Parameter Set from the Project Directory to the required Timer.

Multiple Parameter Sets may be added to a single Timer and will all be triggered by that Timer. Parameter Sets are processed sequentially in the order they appear in the Timer list. If an object or a parameter exists in multiple Parameter Sets that have been assigned to the same timer, that object or parameter will be changed by each Parameter Set, as the Parameter set is processed and will retain the value assigned by the last Parameter Set processed.

timer add to parameter set