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Groups – Types

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The Groups window may be opened by clicking on the Groups icon on the toolbar or by selecting Groups from the Window menu. Groups provide two types of functionality: Grouped Gains and Grouped Objects.

Grouped Gains

The Grouped Gains functionality provides a master control for all objects added to that group. Group Gains functionality applies to Gain objects as well as analog inputs/outputs, Dante® inputs/outputs, CobraNet outputs, and AmpLink outputs. When the first object is added to a Group, if that object has Grouped Gains functionality, a dialog appears allowing the user to select the Group Property for that Group. The available Group Properties are Mute, Level, or Level+Mute. This selection will determine which object parameters will be linked within that Group. 

Grouped Gains 1

If multiple Gain objects are added to a Group and the Group Property is set to Level+Mute, the original objects will continue to function independently and no operational difference will be apparent, but right-clicking on the Group in the Groups window will provide access to the Master Fader for that group. When grouped, the control panels for gain objects in the group will adjust the individual level and mute of the object they are associated with, but the Master Fader control panel will adjust all grouped objects simultaneously. 

Grouped Gains 2
  • Turning on or off the Mute button on the Master Fader control panel will set all of the group objects to match that new value.
  • Adjusting the level control on the Master Fader control panel will simultaneously adjust the level of every object in the Group, but any exisiting gain offset between those objects will be maintained.

If two grouped gain objects are set to 0 dB and -1.5 dB and then the Master Fader level is changed to -3 dB, the resulting values for the gain objects will be -3 dB and -4.5 dB. As the level on the Master Fader control panel is changed, the gain objects will always maintain a 1.5 dB offset.

Grouped Objects

In addition to recalling values for these object types directly, Timers can be used to recall values for any object type by simply adding the objects to a Parameter Set and triggering the Parameter Set with a Timer.

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