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Design View – Wiring


In the Design View of a Digital Signal Processor in ControlSpace® Designer, individual processing objects must be wired together to define the signal flow through the device. For individual wire nodes, wiring can be added by clicking on the source node and then clicking on the destination node, or by clicking on the source node and dragging to the destination. Wiring can be placed “forward” from the output of one object to the input of another object, or “backward” from the input of an object to the output of another object.

Design View – Wiring


In many cases, multiple signals follow identical paths. Multiple wires can be placed simultaneously by clicking and dragging a bounding box around multiple source nodes to select them and then clicking and dragging from the first source node to the first destination node.

Design View – Multi Wiring 1 Design View – Multi Wiring 2

One to Many Wiring (F4)

An input node on a processing object can only accept one wire, but an output node can be wired to as many different inputs as needed. To wire multiple inputs to a single output automatically, click and drag a bounding box around all the input nodes to select them, then click and drag from the first input node to the output node while pressing the F4 key.

Design View – One to Many Wiring (F4)