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Dante – Audio Technica Dante Mic Control Panels

Each Dante® enabled microphone from Audio Technica has a control panel accessible from the Design View. Each microphone’s control panel is identical, apart from a phantom power on/off control for the ATND8677.


At the top of each control panel is an indicator labeled, “Connected.” This indicator will illuminate when the microphone has been recognized on a Dante network. This indicates that the microphone is ready to communicate with other Dante devices, but does not reflect whether ControlSpace® Designer is currently online to the devices.


All Dante enabled microphones from Audio Technica have selectable gain settings of +30 dB, +40 dB, or +50 dB.

Dante – Audio Technica


The Mute button will mute the audio output of the microphone. In most cases, the audio from the microphone should be left unmuted so the AEC algorithm can maintain convergence. Muting of the microphone signal should happen at the automatic mic mixer or somewhere else in the signal path after the AEC algorithm.


The Low Cut button engages an 18 dB/octave filter below 80 Hz. This filter is applied to the audio signal before the audio is sent over Dante.

PWR (ATND8677 only)

The ATND8677 is a Dante enabled microphone base for use with any gooseneck or plug-in microphone. The PWR button enables 12V DC phantom power if needed for the selected microphone.


The GREEN LED and RED LED buttons are used to illuminate the associated LEDs on the microphone.