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Connecting – Scan vs Go Online

Connecting Scan

Connecting to ControlSpace® devices utilizes two related but distinct functions: Scan and Go Online.

Connecting Scan

Scan – When you click on the Scan icon or select Scan from the Tools menu, the software will scan the network and find any ControlSpace or PowerMatch® devices that are on the same subnet as the computer

ControlSpace Designer will create a new file and then each of those physical devices will have a virtual device placed into the new file with all hardware options, such as Expansion Cards and Audio Cards, correctly configured. The Scan function does not bring any programming of those devices into ControlSpace Designer. The resulting file will be a blank slate with the correct hardware options but without any of the software programming. For new devices that have not been previously programmed, or for devices that are going to be completely reprogrammed, this is a quick and straightforward way to ensure that all the virtual devices in the file will correctly match all the physical devices on the network.

Connecting Scan offline

Go Online – For existing devices with programming that must be retained, the Go Online command is more appropriate than using the Scan command. Using the Go Online command and then choosing the “Get from Devices” option will download the existing design from the devices to your computer and then connect to the devices.When connected to the devices, the background of ControlSpace Designer will change from white to blue and the Go Online icon will change from red to green.

Scan vs Go Online - Go Online Figure
Connecting Scan online

These changes are a visual indication that ControlSpace Designer is connected and making real-time adjustments to the physical devices

While connected, changes may be made to the settings of the processing objects, but it’s not possible to add or delete objects, or change the wiring of objects. To make changes to the processing layout, click the Go Online button a second time to disconnect from the devices. The background of ControlSpace Designer will change back to white, the Go Online button will change to red, and normal editing functionality will become available.

To upload a programming file into Connected Devices, choose the Send to Devices option in the Settings Transfer dialog. This will overwrite any existing programming file within the devices.