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Supporting Smooth Technology Integration: The Bose Professional Videboar VB1

We live in an increasingly “one-click” world and have become accustomed to the ease of seamless technology integration. As a result, we experience disruption when the rooms and environments where we spend many hours a day lack compatible audiovisual technology. In hybrid workspaces, our screens, speakers, cameras, and many hidden pieces of tech need to work together in a centralized and coordinated way to allow for easy collaboration that doesn’t take a lot of time and energy to fully utilize.

While the advent of “bring-your-own” tech plays an important role to allow for flexibility, there are foundational pieces needed in huddle spaces and large meeting rooms to provide the best possible collaboration experience. One of those is an all-in-one videobar, like the Videobar VB1, which centralizes a host of audio and video capabilities that are essential in the era of hybrid work.

The VB1 Adapts to Any Environment

The VB1 offers easy technology integration with other Sound of Work products such as the ES1 Ceiling Audio Solution and DS4 Ceiling Audio Solution. Because easy adaptability and access are one of the most important qualities of AV technology integration, the VB1’s single-cable connection offers plenty of options for organizations with room solutions, from Dante, Sennheiser, HP, and other leading AV brands.

The modern workplace continues to go through significant changes to meet the evolving needs of large companies and organizations as some employees return to offices, while others work in remote or hybrid situations. Virtual meeting use remains high, even among coworkers who are in an office together but conduct online meetings to respect social distancing protocols. The importance of providing the best possible connection between workers is clear, and both adaptability and ease of access are key to doing so.

A recent Gallup study showed workplace engagement dropping, for the first time in more than a decade, to 20% in 2020. That lack of connectedness among workers who have less face-to-face time makes it important for the new workplace environment to have high quality resources and technology that offer the best experience and foster creativity and collaboration.

Employees review content together on screen with a Bose Videobar VB1

The Videobar VB1 is a premium conferencing device for the hybrid workplace.

The Key to Unlocking Creative Collaboration

When in-person collaboration needs to take place, there are three dominant use cases that have emerged for how workers congregate in rooms of varying sizes, including:

  • Focus areas for one or two people to meet or hold longer remote meetings.
  • Meeting spaces and huddle rooms designed for a dozen people with a wider menu of AV technology integration.
  • Full conference rooms and halls for corporate presentations and pitches or other large gatherings that require feature-rich, top-end audio and video solutions

Each of those meeting settings should offer reliable and easy-to-access AV technology that won’t require booking time with the IT team. The Videobar VB1 is among the most versatile and easy-to-install devices for any of those rooms’ needs.

Industry experts have called the VB1 a “premium conferencing device,” praising it for its ease of physical setup and how quickly it can configure to leading platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The camera and audio capabilities for the VB1 were also pointed out among its many highlights.

For all these reasons and more, the VB1 is unlocking seamless collaboration, enabling the technology to fade into the background so users can focus on working together better. If you want to enhance productivity and minimize disruption, read more about how easy it is to set up, connect, and use Sound of Work products here.