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T4S ToneMatch mixer




Take control of your music with the T4S ToneMatch mixer, an ultra-compact 4-channel interface designed for performers. Engineered with a powerful DSP engine and intuitive user control, the T4S offers studio-quality EQ, dynamics and effects. Sound great with integrated Bose ToneMatch processing and zEQ, especially when connected to a Bose L1 or F1 system for full end-to-end tonal control. Play confidently on stage with the rugged T4S using its tactile controls, easy-to-read LED display and scene recall. The T4S, a true performer’s companion.


  • Powerful Audio Processing:

    Updated, studio-quality effects with advanced digital audio processing

    High-quality effects include compressor, limiter, de-esser, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay and reverb

    Bose ToneMatch processing for natural-sounding vocals and instruments

    zEQ focuses the sound of ToneMatch presets for effective adjustments on the fly

    Independent ToneMatch, EQ, dynamics and effects per channel

    Dedicated reverb on Aux 1 send, and a global shared reverb for use across all channels

    Master output EQ helps compensate for venue acoustics

    Full end-to-end tonal optimization when used with Bose L1 and F1 systems

  • Seamless Live Control:

    Tactile controls and indicators designed for live, on-stage use

    Fast-learning user interface

    Built-in tap tempo delay, chromatic tuner, and recallable scenes

    LED display and illuminated controls are easy to read and use, even on dimly-lit stages

  • High-Density Connectivity:

    Unprecedented connectivity and control in a small digital stereo mixer

    Four high-quality audio preamps with XLR-combo jacks for microphones or instruments, and switchable phantom power

    Two ToneMatch outputs for digital audio and power

    Two Aux sends, and Two Aux inputs for additional sources

    USB-A and -B for USB drive playback or PC/Mac interfacing

    Independent headphone and balanced 1/4-inch; TRS stereo outputs

  • Convenient Gig-Ready Features:

    Rugged enclosure with a protective magnetic cover to protect controls and connectors

    Includes a ToneMatch cable for connecting to a Bose L1 PRO system for digital audio and power

    Bottom insert allows you to use standard mounting accessories to keep your T4S within reach


Designed for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Corporate AV

  • General purpose PA

  • Live streaming

  • Mobile DJs

  • Singer/songwriters


Technical Specification

  • Channels

  • 4 XLR combo jacks, 2 TRS 1/4-in jacks

  • Phantom Power

  • 48 VDC, all channels

  • Channels

  • 4 balanced, line

  • Computer Interface Connection

  • USB Type-B

  • Display

  • OLED

  • DSP-Enabled

  • Yes

  • Equalization

  • 3-band EQ

  • Presets

  • Bose factory presets, user presets

  • Sample Rate / Bit Depth

  • 48 kHz / 24-bit

  • Colors

  • Black

  • Net Weight

  • 2.1 lb (1.0 kg)

  • Product Dimensions (H×W×D)

  • 8.4 in × 7.3 in × 3.3 in (214 mm × 184 mm × 83 mm)


  • T4S ToneMatch 4Chan Front Hero 1920x1280 png
  • T4S ToneMatch 4Chan Ortho Top 1920x1280 png
  • T4S ToneMatch 4Chan Rear 1920x1280

Product codes

  • 785403-0110

Included in Packaging

  • (1) ToneMatch cable

  • (1) ToneMatch mixer & cover


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