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Timers – Adding Objects


The Timers window may be opened by clicking on the Timers icon on the toolbar, or by selecting Timers from the Window menu. It is not possible to open the Timers window unless a device has been added to the project that is capable of processing Timers.

Drag and Drop

Most processing objects cannot be directly added to Timers, but Selectors and Gain objects, as well as the gain and mute functionality of Input and Output blocks may be added. Individual objects or groups of objects may be added to a Timer by selecting the objects, dragging the objects from the Device View to the Timer window, and dropping the object onto the Timer. A Timer can contain multiple objects from the same device or a combination of objects from multiple devices.

As objects are added to the Timer, the objects appear in the expandable list in the Timer window.

Drag and Drop

Context Menu

Objects may also be added to a Timer either individually or in multiples by selecting the objects, right-clicking on one of the objects, selecting Add To Timer from the context menu, and then selecting the target Timer.

Each of these methods is functionally identical. Either method can be used to add objects to Timers.

Parameter Sets

In addition to recalling values for these object types directly, Timers can be used to recall values for any object type by simply adding the objects to a Parameter Set and triggering the Parameter Set with a Timer.

Context Menu