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Parameter Sets – Node List

The Parameter Set Node List is accessed by right-clicking on a Parameter Set and selecting Parameter Set Node List from the right-click context menu. The Parameter Set Node List can be used to add objects or individual parameters to a Parameter Set or remove objects or individual parameters from a Parameter Set. Any objects or parameters that are already part of the selected Parameter Set will display a check in the selection box next to the object’s name.
While entire objects may be added to or removed from a Parameter Set using the Parameter Set Node List, adding and removing individual parameters is a much more effective use. If a mixer is added to a Parameter Set, the Parameter Set will store and recall all of the parameters in that mixer. If the purpose of the Parameter Set is to mute all of the microphones, the Parameter Set will have the unintended side effect of also resetting all of the levels, crosspoints, and output mutes. To limit the Parameter Set to controlling only the mixer input mutes, uncheck the selection box next to the mixer in the Parameter Set Node List and then turn on the selection box next to each of the of input mute parameters. When the Parameter Set is recalled, only the input mutes will be changed.

Parameter Set Node List