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Learn the advantages, ranging from premium aesthetics to impressive performance.
View how these features are specifically designed to enhance convenience for designers and installers alike.

aesthetic advantages

Options for Any Environment 

Choose from 15 models, including coaxial two-way loudspeakers and subwoofers — great for paging, background and foreground audio applications.

Blends with any room design

Blends with any room design with sleek form factors, minimal bezel grilles, and adjustable (and removable) logos

Black and white versions

Black and white versions of each model and paintable to match room decor

Hidden mounts

Hidden mounts keep the brackets tucked inside the cabinet while also providing 4 preset mounting angles: 0°, 15°, 30°, or 45°

Outdoor models

Outdoor models available with IP55 rating include weather resistant aluminum grilles


Dispersion Alignment system widens the dispersion of the low frequency transducer to match the high-frequency tweeter to produce smooth, uniform coverage across the loudspeaker‘s entire frequency range

High-powered subwoofers

High-powered subwoofers in surface, in-ceiling, and pendant models

True high-frequency compression drivers

Custom drivers do not require DSP or EQ for great sound

True high-frequency compression drivers included in all DM8 models

SmartBass technology

SmartBass technology available when used with Bose Professional processors and/or amplifiers

INstaller-friendly advantages

Simplify installation with DesignMax’s optimized features for faster, safer results.

QuickHold mounting system reduces strain, hassle, and the chance of product damage

Installs 60% faster than most typical competitor products

Weather-resistant aluminum

Weather-resistant aluminum grilles for outdoor models

Stainless steel grilles with magnetic attachment points for indoor models

Magnetically attached grilles

Front-facing wiring connection and 70/100V tap setting switch with transformer bypass

Magnetically attached grilles on indoor models for easy servicing

Tile bridges, U-brackets, Suspension cables

Tile bridges
included for in-ceiling models

included for surface-mount models

Suspension cables
included for pendant models

Front-facing angle adjustment

Front-facing angle adjustment on surface-mount models provides consistent installation

Safety cable attachment points

Safety cable attachment points available on all models

Surface-mount models can be used with alternative pan & tilt brackets

designer-friendly advantages

Speed up your design time with comprehensive technical documentation and industry-standard design tools provided on each product page. 

Technical data sheets

Technical data sheets, A&E specs, installation, design and conversion guides

CAD and BIM mechanical files

CAD and BIM mechanical files

CAD and BIM mechanical files

EASE GLL files for EASE 5, EASE Address, and EASE Evac

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