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Remote Management Software Enhances and Elevates Videoconferencing

You can’t be an IT manager today and not touch some sort of remote management software. In the era of multiple meeting spaces and remote work, conferencing software has become a critical enabler for seamless collaboration, including videoconferencing.

Remote work has sped up the proliferation of endpoints, fueling the diversity of videoconferencing devices and underlines the need for remote management software that brings simplicity to conferencing and unified communications.

Bose Professional’s enterprise-class Bose Professional Work Configuration and Bose Professional Work Management conferencing software has proven to enable IT managers to easily support any videoconferencing participant at any location of the network, particularly when combined with the Bose Professional VB-S and Bose Professional VB1 videobar devices. Here’s how.

Conferencing Software Accommodates IT Staff and Employees

Today’s conferencing software must support a wide range of employee devices, enabling them to connect and collaborate with ease from an office, home, or coffee shop, while also ensuring that the quality of any meeting experience is equal, regardless of location or device.

Bose Professional Work Configuration and Bose Professional Work Management tools provide a centralized way for IT managers to configure and manage services and devices on the network. They can easily identify, diagnose and correct issues from anywhere for any employee, allowing all workers to feel more connected with conferencing products without compromising video and audio performance.

Bose Professional Work Configuration is available as an app or via web browser. The app runs on the desktop, makes a local USB-C connection, and is the recommended version for first time use to set up the network settings. The Bose Professional Work Configuration Web UI connects via a network connection and can be accessed remotely once the network capabilities of the videobar devices are configured. This version doesn’t offer a user control homepage, but both versions have the same admin settings.

A person attends a remote video conference.

The Bose Professional Videobar VB-S all-in-one USB conferencing device leverages robust remote management software to provide crisp sound and visuals on any device.

Bose Professional Work Management software enables IT staff to manage all videobar devices on the network remotely, with a comprehensive view of device characteristics, including device name, network, IP address, and firmware. Because it discovers and views all devices simultaneously, it is especially useful for saving parameter profiles from one unit and uploading them to many units quickly, or to batch update firmware across multiple devices. This saves IT managers time when new devices are added because it’s easy to refresh the device list by rescanning the network and then apply the appropriate profile.

Other key features in Bose Professional Work Management include global password management and network interface management, which displays all available network interfaces available on your computer that can be selected to communicate with the Bose Professional VB1 and Bose Professional VB-S devices. Each interface also displays its assigned IP address, so you can quickly verify that your computer’s IP address is within the same IP scheme as your Bose Professional equipment.

Today, it’s likely that some of your team members are in the building, and others are offsite. Bose Professional Work Configuration and Bose Professional Work Management come free with the Bose Professional videobar devices to bring practical simplicity and clarity to every meeting and all participants, regardless of their location.

Remote Management Software Simplifies Videoconferencing

With the right conferencing software, IT managers are able to troubleshoot and manage devices from a single location. This makes in-room and remote workers’ experiences better and their meetings more productive. It also helps IT managers, who are often short-staffed on site, mitigate the amount of service ticket requests and calls coming in.

With some of the latest software upgrades to the Bose Professional VB1, remote management software now enables the installation and management of certifications on the Videobar platform, and offers enhanced network security to ensure IT managers have products that meet their network security standards.

Bose Professional Remote Work Software Enables New Device Features

The Bose Professional VB-S and Bose Professional VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing devices are easy to install with Bose Professional Work Configuration and Bose Professional Work Management software.

Beam-steering microphones make conversation more natural by actively focusing on voices. With Bose Professional Work Configuration, IT managers can set exclusion zones in Videobar devices to filter out unwanted noise in huddle spaces and nontraditional meeting areas. Additionally, they can set static or dynamic microphone beams, depending on whether the space is designed for movement, like a conference room, or is a stationary meeting space, like a meeting booth.

With the Bose Professional VB-S, IT managers have the ability to set autoframing modes that adjust to a group setting where attendees enter and leave the room, and can focus on a single presenter in individual mode. The simplicity of the software also allows employees to manage this feature themselves on their laptops.

Group mode — available on both Videobar devices — keeps all in-room participants in view and allows remote participants to better see and understand the conversation, whiteboard, flipchart, or other in-room essentials. Individual Mode, which is also available on the Bose Professional VB-S, zooms in and focuses on a single presenter.

Software Ensures Seamless Videoconferencing Connectivity

Great hardware is nothing without great software. The ease of use for employees and elegant management features available to IT staff through the included software are what enables Bose Professional Videobar devices to connect seamlessly. With Bose Professional Work Configuration and Bose Professional Work Management, IT managers can configure, deploy, and manage Bose Professional VB1 and Bose Professional VB-S devices anywhere, from a single unit installed in one meeting area to thousands of units installed in conference rooms around the world.