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Viajero Hostels is a young, Latin American company dedicated to providing low-cost hotels but with a slightly unique approach: combining hostel and hotel services into one experience.

Offering 15 hostels in a variety of locations, including Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Mexico, and Uruguay, Viajero Hostels’ properties provide hotel and co-living amenities. Specifically located at beach destinations and cities with cultural and tourist attractions, destinations include some of the most important Latin American capitals such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mexico City, and Bogotá.

Patio with Freespace Speaker

One of its most attractive properties is located in the small town of Playa Sayulita in Nayarit, Mexico. Located on the Pacific coast, Playa Sayulita is a famous destination for surfing, visiting the renowned Playa del Amor in the Marietas Islands, walking through its colorful streets in search of art galleries or a rustic pizzeria.

The architectural concept and design of Viajero Hostels Sayulita was the work of Estudio 300, an architecture and interior design studio located in Mexico. Using materials and elements typical of the Pacific Coast, the hostel was built with open spaces enabling the coexistence and interaction of the guests. Guest spaces include a large terrace, a spectacular palapa, restaurant, bar, coworking space, communal kitchen, swimming pool, private rooms, and shared dormitories.


The challenge was to transform an old condominium building into a new space with all the public areas, rooms, and services that Viajero Hostels guests expect. With this in mind, Estudio 300 also managed the interior design, including furniture setting and supervising most of the suppliers.

Incorporating the unique panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding town, the architects created spaces where guests could enjoy the colors of the sunset while spending time at the bar enjoying music with their beverage of choice. The spaces also reflect its guests’ free and adventurous spirit by designing open areas that facilitate spontaneous chats between strangers.

Scenic View of Nayarit Mexico

“Each Viajero Hostels property has its own personality and architectural style, although all include elements of our brand,” stated David Ramírez, new property development manager for Viajero Hostels.

As part of the design goal to create these relaxed, enjoyable spaces, the audio system needed to deliver the highest quality sound at the front desk, restaurant, and bar, as well as the terrace and pool area. Given the diversity of the spaces, it would require an audio solution that was resistant to heat, humidity, and the salinity of the sea air.

“In the bar, music is very important, we want our guests to feel happy and relaxed so they will enjoy themselves and stay longer,” said Ramírez. “We even want our guests to want to invite new friends they’ve made to join them — regardless of whether they are local residents or another guest.”

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Since music is a significant part of the guests’ experience, the audio system also needed to have the necessary coverage and power, creating a pleasant environment that reinforced the atmosphere without being too loud or becoming distorted. This meant it was critical the music stayed in the background and did not interfere with people getting to know their co-guests.

Estudio 300 brought in Audio & Comfort, the audio system design and integration company that they collaborated with on several projects.

The Audio & Comfort team, led by Luis Jáuregui, project manager, listened to the needs the architects outlined and proposed an audio solution distributed across four zones. Bose Professional Modeler sound system software was used to design the overall system, helping to establish the correct loudspeaker placement and ideal sound pressure level for each zone. The four zones were made up of the front desk area, restaurant, bar, and swimming pool.

Closeup of Freespace Speaker in Corner

FreeSpace FS4SE and FreeSpace FS2SE surface mount loudspeakers provided the excellent resistance to weathering and UV fading. Explicitly designed for installations in humid, outdoor areas, these FreeSpace loudspeakers are IP55 certified, meaning they operate in temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius).

The FreeSpace loudspeakers were quickly installed throughout the different spaces of the hostel, and their compact design and curved lines complemented the style of the Viajero Hostels Sayulita interior design.

Included in the system is the reliable PowerShare PS604D amplifier and the versatile FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ amplifier featuring a front panel to provide the flexibility of operation required in the bar area. The front panel on the IZA 250-LZ makes it easy to connect different audio devices and make the necessary adjustments — which is extremely useful during a DJ performance or karaoke nights.

Central to the system is a CSP-428 digital sound processor that was as quick to set up as it is intuitive to operate via the wall-mounted ControlCenter CC-1 digital zone controllers.

The new audio solution for the Viajero Hostel satisfies the coverage and clarity requirements necessary to complete the guest experience, while also offering a robust, well-designed loudspeaker that will stand up to the elements.

As guests move from the front desk to other spaces, an atmosphere of joyful conviviality is filled with relaxing music conveying the message that they have arrived at a place where they will be treated like true friends.

“In the Tayrona and Santa Marta hostels in Colombia, we already use Bose Professional audio systems, so we trust the brand. The new system in Sayulita sounds very cool and provides the sound quality ideal for the relaxing experience we create.”

— David Ramírez Property
 Manager for Viajero Hostels

Located in Mexico, Audio & Comfort provides more than 30 years of experience integrating audio, video, and automation solutions, for both the residential and professional AV markets. As a Bose Professional authorized dealer, they focus on large-scale projects ranging from stadiums, auditoriums, hotels, courtrooms, and retail stores, as well as custom solutions for houses of worship.

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Viajero Hostels Sayulita

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