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Australia’s iconic Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has been hailed as one of the most technologically advanced educational institutions in the world at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning. And this acclaim is further consolidated with the opening of the state-of-the-art $94.4 million Education Precinct that features a cutting-edge sound system from Bose Professional, employing its revolutionary EdgeMax series of in-ceiling speakers.

Entirely funded by the QUT as part of its strong commitment to teacher education, the Education Precinct is connected with the QUT Library and HiQ — the university’s innovative student service center — and provides contemporary flexible and technology-equipped teaching spaces.

The Precinct is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and a wide range of technologies to encourage creative and collaborative learning, as well as provide lecturers the technology to develop pre-lecture videoed information for students. The precinct’s centerpiece is the Sphere — a five-meter diameter LED globe suspended over two floors complemented by a 4.8-meter wide interactive digital wall screen, both of which are exceptional learning and teaching tools that come with an updated menu of innovative and interactive content.

Construction of The Sphere
Construction of The Sphere

The Sphere is the only one of its type in the world with 3mm LED 4K resolution, which allows it to operate in full daylight. And to complement the immersive nature of the visual content of the Sphere program, the university required an audio reinforcement solution that offered an equally captivating and engaging soundscape.

QUT was aware of the Bose Professional commitment to a superior audio experience — regardless of the location — so it was a natural next step to work directly with Bose Professional. Through collaborative efforts the team agreed the EdgeMax series loudspeakers were the ideal solution. Pro AV Solutions QLD took the lead in commissioning the sound system design and installation at the Education Precinct.


Inside Queensland University of Technology

After an extensive analysis of the venue, a total of 12 units of the EdgeMax EM180 in-ceiling loudspeakers were strategically installed across the space to deliver an aurally immersive atmosphere. “The brief we discussed with the management at QUT was about creating an immersive sound experience at the Education Precinct. Fortunately for us, Bose Professional’s EdgeMax solution – with its sleek flush-mount ceiling speaker technology – fit perfectly,” Shannan Brooksby of Pro AV Solutions QLD shared. “The EdgeMax solution is capable of delivering uniform sound pressure level from the front-of-house up to a distance of almost six meters — which is quite amazing. This allowed us to place 12 speakers in strategic positions to create an incredibly immersive sound experience that’s uniform across the intended space.”

Complementing the performance of the system, Brooksby continues to explain, “We were pleasantly surprised when we put the system through tests here at the Sphere. It was well within its limits when we simulated what we call a ‘nightclub level audio’, while maintaining high quality sound delivery. It performed remarkably well.”

Management at QUT agree with Brooksby’s assessment of the Bose Professional EdgeMax system at the Education Precinct, with Winter sharing that the “space sounds absolutely brilliant” The expertise and experience of Pro AV Solutions QLD coupled with Bose Professional’s technological prowess has resulted in several aurally astute projects across the region, and the Education Precinct at QUT is no different.

“The Bose Professional team were very forthcoming with modelling assistance, and after computing all the details of our surface finishes, we had a very good model of the space and it was clear that the EdgeMax loudspeakers were the way to go.”

Gavin Winter
QUT Visualization and eResearch Manager


Queensland Institute of Technology Case Study

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