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The Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner

Commissioned in the late 1960s, the Queen Elizabeth II was the flagship of the Cunard fleet of world-famous ocean liners. Having sailed more than six million nautical miles over the course of 1,400 voyages, the QE2 played host to 2.5 million passengers during its 39 years of service.

Now, after retiring from sailing in 2008, the ship has been restored to its former glory and calls Dubai’s Mina Rashid port home, where it opened in 2018 as a floating museum, hotel, dining and events attraction in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring locales.

In order to successfully move into its new phase of service, the QE2 needed an industry-leading audio solution to support its second life as a cutting-edge, yet historically accurate attraction. The updated audio solution replaces the original system, which was primarily used for distributing information to passengers.


Bose speaker in the QE2

To bring that vision to life, the QE2’s owners, Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) Hotels, turned to Abu Dhabi-based integrator Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems Co., LLC, which in turn selected Bose Professional to capitalize on the opportunity to bring powerful, reliable audio to a historical wonder. A variety of Bose Professional solutions needed to be implemented along the full, 239-meter length of the ship without compromising the vessel’s vintage flair and aesthetic. The restoration work to bring the original interior of the ship back to life goes beyond cosmetic efforts and involves ensuring that all modern-day technology is transparent and seamlessly integrated. The audio solution selected guarantees it maintains the historical time-period experience while providing the necessary modern day reliability and capabilities for each of the QE2’s new roles.

Lounge in the Queen Elizabeth II

In order to overcome the lack of acoustics created by the numerous steel walls and low, false ceilings, the ControlSpace engineered sound processor settings in each zone allow for I/O capability integration and serial connectivity. This saves tremendous time for on-site IT crews, who can control system parameters remotely from laptops and smartphones. The theme of tailoring Bose Professional solutions to zone-specific needs persists throughout the attraction, allowing for a truly customized solution that delivers on the needs of the QE2 and provides excellent capabilities in public address, full-range foreground music and more.

The extensive Bose Professional audio solution has helped elevate the QE2to be one of Dubai’s most unique and exciting attractions, particularly because its unique history provides a stark contrast to the high-tech and futuristic leanings of many of the city’s hotels and attractions.

“The ship’s age gives it an edge in Dubai’s hotel market. The QE2 offers something with a lot of historic value – in fact the ocean liner, launched by the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II in 1967, is four years older than the formation of the United Arab Emirates itself”

— Hamza Mustafa


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