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Picture Amsterdam in the 1920s. A bustling metropolis, it was full of wide lanes, commerce and unique cultural touchstones — and it turns out, many bag traders. The predominant packaging material of the time was the jute bag. Merchants purchased used bags, cleaned them, repaired them and sent them back out into the world — and Wilhelmus Lammers — known as Wim — was ready to join the fray.

He set up his own company and started trading in the bags, joining an industry that traded tens of millions of bags each year. Now, almost a century later, the company he started in 1923 as NV Zakkenhandel v/h W. Lammers is still active. Though it has since changed names to Lammers & Van Cleeff BV and, later, to its current moniker of LC Packaging, the family-run company has grown significantly. It’s now a multinational company providing the food industry with packaging solutions and includes more than 1,500 employees across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Stairway at the LC Packaging office.

The fourth generation of Lammers is now in charge, and the company’s services have expanded considerably, but the soul of the company remains the same. Committed, reliable and loyal — these core values still guide the organization’s every move; the jute bag is still one of its key products. LC Packaging continues to weave a lasting story of bold entrepreneurship, close partnerships, vision and honesty. To continue telling it, the company needed a new space to carry that legacy forward. Though the roots of LC Packaging are clear, it’s an organization of growth with branches spreading across the globe.

With production facilities, offices and warehouses spread out over 16 countries, LC Packaging needed a way to ensure the connections between them were as strong and efficient as it would be if they were located in same building. This desire to maintain strong ties to its history while ensuring an effortless connection amongst employees resulted in a modern headquarters in the Netherlands. This new facility featured cutting-edge technology and sustainability, plus a homey atmosphere that fostered and nurtured a focus on relationships — something upon which the company built its legacy.

The mission was simple: craft a space that evoked what makes LC Packaging so unique, but ensure it also provides intuitive ways for employees to have efficient, clear and simple engagements with colleagues and clients around the world. This collaboration could not feel like distant parties speaking through a screen, but as though they’re interacting in real time, in person, with everyone involved heard loud and clear — without muffled voices, ambient noise or technological failure.


Large meeting room with the Bose Videobar VB1 at the LC Packaging office.

To bring this vision to life, LC Packaging tapped system integrator AVEX. In turn, Bose Professional solutions played a key role in making this modern meeting space a reality.

“Our instructions to AVEX were very simple — create a smart work environment in which people can effortlessly and effectively communicate and cooperate with one another,” said Nick Jansen, LC Packaging’s director in Europe. “With the aid of innovative, trendsetting audiovisual solutions, we’ve managed to create the most state-of-the-art workplace in the world for our people.”

Small meeting room with the Bose Videobar VB1 at the LC Packaging office.

LC Packaging’s new global headquarters was one of the first installation projects for the Bose Professional Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device. The VB1 was integrated into a holistic solution featuring ControlSpace EX-4ML endpoints, ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing sound processors, DesignMax DM3C loudspeakers, FreeSpace IZA 2120-HZ integrated zone amplifier, MB210 subwoofer and Panaray MSA12X steerable array loudspeakers. The holistic approach at LC Packaging also included the creation of BYOD meeting spaces, allowing employees the freedom to use technology that best meets their workstyle. People walk into the room, use the single-cable connectivity and go, without fighting to make the technology work for the first 10 minutes of the meeting.

The Videobar VB1 is used as a complete solution with the Crestron FLEX UC touchscreen, a low-cost alternative that is fast to set up and implement when compared to other full-room solutions. The solution was implemented in several areas throughout the new headquarters, culminating in ensuring that employees could collaborate efficiently and effectively both in person and through the Videobar VB1. 

The LC Packaging headquarters is a marvel of modern collaboration and clear, intelligible sound experience. Across agile meeting rooms and throughout the common areas, AV technology is integrated and simple to use, yet powerful in execution. In the end, the space upheld the desire for modern connectivity while still maintaining the commitment to people, unity and togetherness that has defined LC Packaging for nearly 100 years. In working with AVEX and Bose Professional, the company also achieved its goal of meeting all the requirements of the BREEAM Outstanding certification — the world’s leading sustainability rating and a level of sustainability that fewer than 1% of non-domestic buildings in the UK meet. AVEX is known to work from a user-focused perspective, and the Videobar VB1 facilitated that user-first focus, making it simple for employees to interact with and use the technology to its fullest potential. LC Packaging has always been about its people, and the audiovisual solutions mirror that commitment.

“Despite all the different technology and tools in our communication and collaboration rooms, we’ve made it so that the experience is extremely uniform. This has greatly improved employee adoption and usability, and we’re already seeing the benefits.”

— Nick Jansen
Director Europe, LC Packaging

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