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The view from LARTOR

In a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet close to the German metropolis of Munich, the boutique hotel LARTOR is embedded in the fascinating alpine landscape of the Ammergau Alps nature park. The building complex consists of a museum, an innovation center, a hotel and restaurant. Additionally, the hotel offers another critical element—modern conference rooms that deliver cutting-edge collaboration, all set overlooking the awe-inspiring picturesque region.

The hotel offers various conference room options, all aimed at providing a creative and inspiring atmosphere. The large conference room was recently equipped with new modern media technology and contains both a high-end multimedia and videoconference system. There is also a smaller conference room—the Creative Lab—which serves as a creative retreat where small- to medium-sized groups are able to brainstorm ideas and review projects in an inspiring, new environment.

LARTOR conference room

With a capacity of up to 30 people, the large conference room provides a unique atmosphere for large projects, meeting the highest expectations in the materials, technical equipment, comfort and functionality of the space. The view through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the mountain and meadow landscape of the Ammer Valley encourages free thinking and concentrated focus. Access to the sculpture garden directly off the conference room, adds a new dimension to coffee breaks, where a breath of fresh air aids in clearing the mind and reenergizing.


Outside of LARTOR building

Bose Professional was chosen to support and compliment the experiences of art, ambience and architecture, which describe and influence the spaces’ atmosphere and the audiovisual experience. The expectations for the conference rooms were high, with flexibility of use and exceptional performance being key deliverables. The rooms are often used for various companies’ board meetings, requiring a high level of intelligibility without dampening the inspiring and engaging atmosphere. The ControlSpace EX-1280C is the heart of the system and provides the videoconferencing infrastructure for different tools including Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. 

The Panaray MA12 modular column array loudspeakers, with their wide and deep radiation, ensure a particularly homogeneous sound. In addition, the MB4 modular bass loudspeaker was installed to support various multimedia applications. The PowerSpace P4300A amplifier, with its clear and powerful audio playback and digital connection options, provide the reliability needed for the conference rooms. The PowerSpace P4300A amplifier delivers 300 watts per channel and the AmpLink digital input card allows multiple uncompressed, low-latency channels from Bose Professional digital signal processors (DSP) to be transmitted over a single CAT 5 cable.

LARTOR conference room

Other components of the multimedia and videoconference system include an HD laser projector (EPSON EB-L610U), which was camouflaged behind the acoustic panel and a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) ceiling microphone with a special coating to preserve the aesthetics of the room. The TCC2 is a high-end solution for audio recording within conference rooms. Thanks to the microphone’s beamforming technology, only the person actively talking is identified and targeted, even if the person is moving about the space. Noise is filtered out and certain zones (windows, doors, etc.) can be deactivated. The TCC2 is ideal for this application with its coverage area of approximately 60 square meters.

Simple operation was also a critical goal, as different types of users, from hotel staff to guests, must be able to intuitively operate the system quickly and efficiently. This is made possible by the Atlona Velocity app.

The conference products from Bose Professional, together with the Sennheiser microphone, ensure the system components are coordinated and guarantee reliable performance. Despite the large glass and concrete surfaces, the speech intelligibility in the conference room is reliable and clear. KIESSLING Medientechnik delivered an impressive result of multimedia engineering ready to ensure employees and guests are able to craft a lasting legacy of creativity, inspiration and collaboration. The end result was an impressed customer, an unmatched guest experience and a powerful, cutting-edge solution.

“The installation is a reference project on how design and well-chosen, integrated products can form an impressive video conferencing experience…Bose Professional embodies the word ‘partner’ and has actively supported us in every phase of the project.”

— Andreas Kiessling
Managing Director, KIESSLING Medientechnik


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