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Harry A. Gampel Pavilion, home to the University of Connecticut men’s and women’s basketball teams and volleyball program, has seen many upgrades over the last several years. A new videoboard and upgraded digital signage added to the fan experience, though something was still missing to complete the entire AV solution—the experience of high-performance sound.

People on the basketball court at Gampel Pavilion

To find a solution that delivered cutting-edge results and elevated the arena’s capabilities, UConn turned to HB Communications, its preferred visual communications company for more than a decade. In August of 2016, HB Communications was contacted to complete the Gampel PA system project and partnered with Ambient Sound to complete the installation and related infrastructure.

People on the basketball court at Gampel Pavilion

The previous sound system had one fundamental problem—no one could understand what was said. The primary function of a PA solution is to provide not only excellent atmospheric sound but also enable clear communication across the entirety of the arena, from the VIP boxes to the playing surface.

With the previous sound system, Ambient Sound production manager Mario Pregoni shared, “Audio operations were at 50 percent efficiency, and fans could not hear what was spoken through the system.”


Bose Professional DeltaQ loudspeakers

To deliver the desired intelligibility, coverage, and performance from Gampel’s new system, HB Communications and Ambient Sound developed a solution using innovative ShowMatch array loudspeakers. The resulting solution exceeded expectations offering DeltaQ Array Technology, class-leading array versatility and coverage, and replaceable waveguides to ensure the team could meet the unique needs of an arena like Gampel.

“With the ShowMatch system, we knew that this was going to address the intelligibility,” Pregoni said. “The way the designers built the system and the way they addressed the crossover points really help steer the vocal range to where it doesn’t get lost in all the frequencies.”

Bose Professional DeltaQ loudspeakers

As the UConn athletic teams that share Gampel Pavilion continue to strive for excellence, Kaplan and the rest of the university’s team said the Bose Professional ShowMatch solution would provide an unmatched fan experience equivalent to the performance of the product on the court.

Pregoni also highlighted the ShowMatch system’s waveguide technology, adding that it helped his team achieve “nice, even coverage from the very last row down to the floor.” The arena now can put on what Kaplan labeled a “full production,” supplementing contests with DJs, superior AV capabilities and more.

“After looking at a lot of different sound systems out there, we felt the ShowMatch system by Bose Professional had the most flexibility and versatility for our arena. Now, people come to see not only the game but what we’re going to do inside the arena. The Bose Professional system allows us to give them a special show that they couldn’t get at home. We want to make sure our production value is as good as our games.”

— David Kaplan
Assistant Director of Athletics/Video Services, UConn


Gampel Pavilion Case Study

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