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November 30, 2021

Bose Professional Videobar VB1 Conferencing Device is Zoom Certified

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Next-level Audio and Video Clarity and Verified Interoperability Are Now Available for Zoom Rooms

FRAMINGHAM, Nov. 30, 2021  Bose Professional announced the Bose Professional VideobarTM VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device is now Zoom certified — allowing users to collaborate confidently and seamlessly with their preferred third-party platform. This means users can expect Bose Professional premium audio and video to accompany their high-quality, reliable Zoom communication experience. Zoom Certified devices are tested to meet high standards in both audio and video performance.

Zoom’s Hardware Certification is the latest in the Bose Professional commitment to bring smart, intuitive technology to the hybrid workplace. Whether in a huddle space or medium-sized conference room, users are clearly seen and fully understood on videoconference calls. The six beam-steering microphones actively focus on voices in the room and reject noise. The Bose Professional proprietary transducers reproduce accurate, room-filling audio from multimedia presentations, play Bluetooth® audio, and ensure voices sound natural and clear. The 4K ultra-HD camera with autoframing delivers crystal-clear video, so remote participants can see presenters, whiteboards and other in-room objects.

Understanding that IT managers need meeting technology that is easy to use and deploy, the Videobar VB1 has single-cable USB connectivity and can be mounted to suit a variety of spaces. Using the included table stand or wall-mount kit the Videobar VB1 mounting options allow for tilt capability to keep the team optimally centered in the video image. This means no matter how a room is configured, IT managers can keep tabletop clutter to a minimum and deliver an optimal meeting experience.

The Bose Professional Work Management app provides true value with remote device management and configuration capabilities ranging from real-time status to system-wide updates and changes. The app makes it simple to deploy and manage Videobar VB1 devices from anywhere, from a single unit or up to one thousand devices installed in meeting rooms across the globe.

The Videobar VB1 has three apps that allow for easy configuration, management and real-time control. Use the Bose Professional Work Configuration software — available for Windows and macOS or via web browser — for device setup and configuration. Then use the Bose Professional Work Management software for remote management of a single-device or enterprise-wide, multi-device changes, as well as to view device status in real time.

Finally, the Bose Professional Work mobile app allows anyone in the room to control the Videobar VB1 with their smartphone — adjust volume, mute, pan, tilt, zoom, zoom presets and Bluetooth pairing. And when paired with a smartphone, the Videobar VB1 can be used as a standalone speakerphone or to stream music, bringing Bose Professional-quality audio to more spaces and to more activities. The Bose Professional Videobar VB1 helps teams huddle up, see more, hear more, and work better.

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Photo caption 1: Bose Professional Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device brings next-level audio and video clarity to the workplace with Zoom certification.

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Photo caption 2: Zoom Room Certification badge indicates devices meet the high standards of both audio and video performance.

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