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December 16, 2021

LC Packaging Selects Bose Professional Technology to Support Vision for Global Connectivity and Collaboration

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Bose Professional Videobar VB1 Provides Intuitive, Effortless Engagements for Both Staff and Clients

FRAMINGHAM, Dec. 16, 2021  Bose Professional announced it was selected by LC Packaging to provide the audiovisual technology to ensure its vision of an integrated, globally connected headquarters. With production facilities, offices and warehouses located across 16 countries, the almost 100-year-old company was committed to strengthening the company’s efficiency through easy-to-use technology in their new headquarters in the Netherlands.

The mission for the new headquarters was to craft a space highlighting what makes LC Packaging so unique, while providing intuitive ways for employees to have clear, simple engagements with colleagues and clients around the world. Leading European integrator AVEX, collaborated with Bose Professional for design and flexible audiovisual solutions, including the Bose Professional Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device, DesignMax and Panaray loudspeakers, and ControlSpace processor.

“Our instructions to AVEX were very simple — create a smart work environment where people can effortlessly and effectively communicate and cooperate with one another,” said LC Packaging’s European Director, Nick Jansen.

The Bose Professional integrated solution found throughout the LC Packaging headquarters includes the Bose Professional Videobar VB1 in the executive offices, small collaboration rooms and mid-sized meeting spaces. DesignMax ceiling loudspeakers are used for the flexible training room, as well as Panaray MSA12X steerable array loudspeakers in the multilevel auditorium.

“The new LC Packaging space embodies the commitment to their heritage while ensuring an effortless connection amongst employees around the world,” said AVEX Product Portfolio Manager, Jeroen Labots. “The result of incorporating Bose Professional was numerous spaces where the technology is transparent and people focus on connecting and what needs to be discussed. Employee adoption and use were immediate.”

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Photo file 1: BoseProfessional_LCPackaging Auditorium.jpg

Photo caption 1: Inside the luxurious auditorium where Bose Professional audio quality is found throughout.

Photo file 2: BoseProfessional_LCPackaging VB1 Conf Room.jpg

Photo caption 2: One of the numerous business spaces that use transparent technology, providing optimal sound quality.

Photo file 3: BoseProfessional_LCPackaging HQ.jpg

Photo caption 3: Bose Professional Videobar VB1 enables effortless collaboration for high productivity at LC Packaging.

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