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The Wohnstift am Tiergarten, an upscale retirement community, was founded in 1972 in an idyllic suburban location in the east of Nuremberg, close to the Lorenzer Reichswald nature reserve and the Nuremberg Zoo. The original concept was to create a home for the elderly in which residents can lead a largely independent life enriched with additional entertainment and social services.

Currently, there are approximately 700 people who reside in deluxe apartments within Wohnstift am Tiergarten. The cultural heart of the retirement home is a 400-seat concert hall, which is an intrinsic part of life at Wohnstift for both residents and guests from the local area. In October 2019, the concert hall was reopened after a €3 million renovation resulting in an unparalleled senior citizen residence. The concert hall boasts a uniquely large and diverse entertainment offering, which includes concerts, dance and theatre performances, cinema shows, lectures and a variety of presentations.

“With our extensive cultural offerings, we want to ensure a lively exchange between our residents and the concert visitors from Nuremberg and the surrounding area,” shared the board of the Wohnstift am Tiergarten. “With this renovation, we set the bar very high for the city of Nuremberg in terms of plans for the new concert hall. And there is something else that makes the concert hall of the Wohntift am Tiergarten special: the cultural highlights are offered free of charge to residents and visitors from outside.”


Bose Professional products

When it came time to deliver an audio solution that met these standards, it was paramount that the install would not interfere with the one-of-a-kind cultural appeal. The AV technology solution was supervised and designed by the planning office and installed by the Bose Professional reseller MEDIA|tek|gmbh®. To ensure a superior and natural audio experience, the media technology includes sound reinforcement via an inductive listening loop and a lighting solution for the stage. This also provides the flexibility needed to match the variety of performances and can be operated from the media control system using a well-designed, easy-to-use graphical user interface. A total of 50 Bose Professional loudspeakers have been installed in the foyer and throughout the hall, with most of them so perfectly integrated into the interior design that they are virtually invisible.

Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeaker

The only loudspeakers that are visible in the hall are the two column units in front of the stage curtain. At six meters in length, these self-powered, digital beam-steering loudspeakers deliver impressive vocal intelligibility and tonal consistency. Three of them are sound active and the other three are passive (i.e. without electronics). One of the passive Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers was converted into a stagebox with various connection options. The beam-steering functionality enabled both stacks to provide the concert hall with complete and even sound coverage to guarantee linear full-range performance and excellent direct-to-reverb-ratio for best intelligibility. Before the audio upgrades, visitors often competed for the limited number of seats that provided the best audio experience. The updated Bose Professional solution provides an enjoyable listening experience for everyone in the hall. Both acoustically and architecturally, the concert hall and its foyer are a masterpiece of visual design and acoustics. It was important that all those involved collaborated, which resulted in a remarkable result.

“After the completion of this project, we once again see that the cooperation between the planning office— as the basis for the realization on the one hand—and our suppliers from the industry—in the implementation on the other hand—are important partners without whom such a high project quality could not be achieved.”

— Thomas Klug
Managing Director, MEDIA|tek|gmbh®


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