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Triovest is a fully integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firm. With eight corporate offices across Canada and a team of almost 600 people, they manage 430 properties across the country equating to 41 million square feet. Recently, the company completed building the Triovest River Landing East Tower office building in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Triovest conference room outfitted with EdgeMax loudspeakers

The 13-story, 180,000-square foot East Tower project started with a primary goal that would allow clients to seamlessly connect and present using their own devices (laptops, smartphones) within the custom-designed meeting rooms. Management of the rooms also needed to be streamlined and efficient.

To ensure this became a reality, Triovest engaged Calgary-based integrator Teatrx to design, integrate and maintain three conference center meeting rooms in Saskatchewan’s most significant mixed-use project: River Landing.

Triovest conference room

One of the most unique aspects of the project was the need for flexibility within the spaces. Triovest didn’t want to limit the room occupants to using a narrow selection of technology but wanted to offer the greatest technological flexibility that was also simple to use and manage. This meant accommodating people and their preferred laptops.

Designing the ideal system was only part of the solution. Implementing the installation and ensuring its ease-of-use and management took coordination and clear communications with all the contributing parties involved.

The rooms incorporated a variety of intuitive technology so people can walk in with a laptop and connect simply and easily. Each room was automated with a custom-designed user interface specifically designed for the Triovest rooms, making conferencing activities easy to navigate.


Triovest lobby illuminated at night

Teatrx had been following Bose Professional and the product development across their conferencing product lines. After seeing the technology inside the products and the advantage Bose Professional brought to the corporate space, Muhlbeier reached out, which resulted in Teatrx partnering with Bose Professional. The Teatrx team incorporated the Bose Professional solution consisting of the EdgeMax loudspeakers, ControlSpace digital signal processors, PowerShare power amplifier as well as the ControlSpace EX-UH USB to Dante™ under-table box within the meeting spaces.

Teatrx also recognized the importance of the Bose Professional focus on soft codex for video conferencing, specifically Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, to name a few. As the trend towards videoconferencing began to take greater hold, Teatrx understood this would become more commonplace with companies’ increased adoption of cloud service providers.

Triovest servers

After collaborating with Bose Professional, Teatrx was able to capture the best solution for sound quality and coverage within the rooms. Integrating with third-party microphones was key for farend participants and the Bose Professional digital signal processing to ensure proper inbound and outbound sound quality.

Utilizing Bose Professional PowerShare amplifiers, Teatrx delivered an audio solution that provided the functionality envisioned for each of the meeting rooms. “We really liked the footprint of the PowerShare amps. We also liked the cost and that we could easily integrate it into the whole solution,” states Scott Muhlbeier, CEO for Teatrx. “We centralized all the hardware into a rack, and with our technology, the amount of space needed was significantly less than their competitors’ products and older solutions that have been in the market.”

The resulting solutions for each of the conferencing spaces was an easy-to-use, intuitive design that provided topnotch technology with flexible options. Both Triovest and their tenants have responded with positive feedback. The best sign that the solutions were on target to the needs of a variety of tenants is that Teatrx rarely has to train anyone on how to use the rooms. Users were directed to go into the room and plug in their laptops and interact with the technology. The results were that non-technical people were just plugging in an HDMI cable and the system would automatically turn on and work.

“Working with Bose Professional was amazing. If I had to use just one word, it would be just amazing.”

— Scott Muhlbeier
CEO for Teatrx, Inc.


Triovest Case Study

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