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Colombian entrepreneurs Jorge Mario Vélez and Bibiana Mejia honed their expertise working in several Brazilian rodizio style restaurants while living in Spain. Upon returning to Colombia, the enterprising husband and wife duo launched a catering service to offer rodizio service for private events. The concept was so successful that soon after, they established their first restaurant, O’Brasileiro Rodizio, in Pereira, a thriving city located in the Eje Cafetero region of Colombia. With an abundance of business and tourist activity, the area was perfect for starting a new venture.

The restaurant quickly gained recognition, earning the reputation as a local favorite and receiving several regional and national awards for its superb dishes and high-quality service. Buoyed by this success, O’Brasileiro Rodizio grew significantly, and in 2020, the restaurant moved to a new location set amidst lush nature along the connecting route of Pereira and Armenia. The new venue is sprawling, covering an impressive 12,900 square feet (1,200 square meters) on two levels, an expansive outdoor terrace, and ample parking. O’Brasileiro Rodizio specializes in the traditional rodizio concept: a steakhouse in which servers circulate around the dining room offering a wide variety of meat cuts on vertical skewers until the customers signal they’re satiated. The restaurant also features a vast self-serve bar of salads, soups, and side dishes available to all diners. True to the rodizio format, the customer pays a fixed price, irrespective of how often they enjoy the food samples.

According to Vélez, “O’Brasileiro Rodizio has become a classic restaurant in the Eje Cafetero, frequented by families and groups of friends, in addition to being in great demand for business and social events”.

Sheek Seating at O Brasileiro with DM5SE Speaker


Front of O Brasileiro

The impeccable new location of O’Brasileiro Rodizio was planned and built according to the restaurant’s needs. From the beginning of the project, the restaurant owners decided to involve the audiovisual solutions integrator MovilPlay Importaciones, a local company distinguished by the quality of its services and the care it puts into each of its projects.

At the outset of the project, the restaurant’s owners knew the sound system would play an important role in the patron experience. They wanted two things specifically from the system: 1) a system that could deliver a warm and inviting sound covering the spacious two floors, and 2) versatile features for playing ambient music while still providing exceptional quality for the musicians who perform on the small stage.

Additionally, engineer Germán Valencia, the general manager of MovilPlay, faced an intricate and challenging task regarding the restaurant structure itself. Two sides of the restaurant feature a steel and glass structure forming large windows, allowing breathtaking natural light to pass through. However, because of this unique design, the sound system would need to consider the reverberation due to sound reflection.

Birds Eye View of O Brasileiro

Valencia’s early involvement in the project allowed him to learn the details and collaborate with the owners, architects, and electrical engineers responsible for the installation. With his eight-years’ experience of working with Bose Professional systems, Valencia was confident Bose Professional superior sound products would fit the needs of the project.

Analyzing architectural drawings and building material specifications, Valencia used Bose Professional Modeler sound system software — a 3D modeling program for acoustic design and analysis — to predict the sound system’s performance indoors and outdoors. The software analysis enabled the team to determine the optimal loudspeakers’ model, location and height need to achieve the desired coverage and performance.

Despite the venue’s vastness, installation only required 10 loudspeakers to achieve an ambient audio system. MovilPlay specialists installed four DesignMax DM5SE loudspeakers on the first level, another four on the second level, and two more on the outdoor terrace. The DM5SE loudspeakers feature a dispersion alignment system that ensures outstanding coverage and performance, delivering intense bass and clear, intelligible treble.

The DesignMax loudspeakers provide a seamless sound performance and installation process, with their shape and color matching the steel columns and beams to which they are mounted. In addition, the IP55 outdoor rating ensures that the terrace equipment withstands the area’s ever-changing weather conditions.

Function Hall Seating O Brasileiro

On the second level, where social events occur, a pair of DesignMax DM10S Sub subwoofers create a more lively atmosphere and robust music performance. Finally, the team installed the Bose Professional PowerSpace P4300+ amplifier to complement the entire DesignMax speaker system.

O’Brasileiro Rodizio also offers daily live performances by solo artists, duets, and even quartets to entertain guests during lunch and dinner. MovilPlay chose the versatile S1 Pro System to serve as a sound reinforcement and sound monitor for the artists. Rounding out the small, live-stage solution, a T8S ToneMatch mixer allows artists to connect instruments, microphones, and even a tablet to play audio sequences or samples.

In addition, MoviPlay installed a pair of ControlCenter CC-2 zone controllers to enable the weekend movie supervisor to manage the audio system operation for performing musicians. These wall controllers effortlessly manage the volume and audio source, seamlessly switching between ambient music and live performance.

The audio system designed by MovilPlay exceeded the expectations of both the owners of O’Brasileiro Rodizio and its diners. The sound is warm, and the coverage is comprehensive in all areas. The system is versatile, as it allows switching from ambient to live music on-stage where the local musicians are easily connected, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the performance.

From the time O’Brasileiro Rodizio opens its doors at noon until midnight when the last diner leaves, sound and music form an integral part of the restaurant’s experience. Vélez credits part of the restaurant’s success to the atmosphere, where the audio system plays an integral part in transmitting the desired warmth and quality.

“We have received positive feedback about the music’s influence on diners’ moods. We are delighted that the integrated system helps O’Brasileiro Rodizio provide that experience,” Valencia said. “For MovilPlay, it was crucial that the O’Brasileiro Rodizio project was successful. It represented a great challenge! Both because of the dimensions of space, the acoustic complexity of its large windows, and the restaurant’s prestige.”

The new location has created a larger space with a more enveloping experience, which directly impacts the frequency of visits and the length of time people stay. This has enabled the restaurant to grow in popularity, making it a local success.

Because of the successful outcome of the project, it has increased MovilPlay’s visibility in the region and allowed them to expand their expertise and solutions offered.

Mounted DM5SE at O Brasileiro

“For MovilPlay, it was crucial that the O’Brasileiro Rodizio project was successful. It represented a great challenge! Both because of the dimensions of space, the acoustic complexity of its large windows, and the restaurant’s prestige.”

— Germán Valencia
General Manager

MovilPlay Importaciones is an authorized Bose Professional distributor based in Pereira Colombia.The company designs and integrates audiovisual systems for residential and commercial applications. Recently, it has ventured into developing solutions for large spaces such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, and religious temples.


Automa, based in Colombia, specializes in professional video and audio, security and automation of corporate, commercial and residential spaces. With 12 years of experience, it is one of the wholesale distributors of major technology brands. It has a solid team of collaborators and business partners specializing in the integration of audiovisual solutions.


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