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lyf Collingwood, a 128-unit hotel located in one of Melbourne’s most historic districts, opened its doors as the first lyf hotel in Australia in May 2022. The lyf hotels balance the perfect blend of work and leisure in their offerings. Launched by the Ascot Group out of Singapore, the hotel’s iconic brand centers around a co-working approach to accommodation — coined ‘co-living’ — by combining tastefully designed compact guest rooms with generous shared spaces to work, eat, and play.

Upon entering the lyf hotel’s foyer — aptly dubbed Connect — a large, multi-functional area greets guests, rather than a traditional reception desk. Instead of receptionists, lyf Guards help facilitate guest check-in and check-out at a multipurpose station. Meanwhile, patrons and locals alike can enjoy the expansive entry area, featuring trendy and ergonomic co-working desks and lounges to catch up on emails or savour a macchiato.

Lyf Hotel Lobby

Nestled in Melbourne’s hippest neighbourhoods, lyf Collingwood is surrounded by a hub of bars, galleries, and top foodie hits, boasting a truly ideal location in the city. The hotel is just minutes from famed Smith Street (voted the coolest street in the world) and ten minutes away from Melbourne’s Central Business District. The hotel offers guests expansive amenities with a distinctive atmosphere to enhance their stay.


Lyf Hotel Kitchen

For the official opening in May 2022, lyf Collingwood wanted to ensure its design and build would be optimal for both leisure and business travellers. To accomplish this, the Ascot Group envisioned incorporating a large feature display in the Connect foyer of the hotel. Realizing an experienced audio/visual integrator was required to find the perfect complement to the hotel’s aesthetics, they selected Integrate AV to lead the charge.

The lyf Collingwood foyer space features an exposed industrial ceiling look, replete with services and ducting. In relation to the space’s existing design, ceiling loudspeakers could not be flush mounted. Additionally, lyf Collingwood needed more expansive audio capabilities to ensure the full foyer space, the hallways and the co-working spaces were touchpoints of sound for the hotel and its patrons.

“During our discussions regarding the video wall we steered Ascot Group to consider a higher quality audio design for the foyer,” noted Integrate AV’s Technology Specialist Simon Gordon. “One that matched the quality of the Barco video wall.

Bose Professional Speaker

“We discussed what the wall display might look like,” continued Gordon. “Given its public position on the floor, where it could be accidentally damaged, and other factors, we recommended a video wall instead of LED.”

Integrate AV’s team and the Ascot Group agreed that the newly released FreeSpace FS2P pendant loudspeakers would be a perfect solution for meeting the aesthetics of the room and the audio needs as well. The addition of the Bose Professional pendant loudspeakers with distributed audio design would provide even audio coverage with plenty of warmth and clarity to carry the foyer atmosphere, as well as complementing the digital artwork of the video wall admirably.

The final design for the foyer implemented 12 Bose Professional FreeSpace FS2P pendant loudspeakers suspended from the exposed ceiling and powered by a single multi-channel PowerSpace P4300A amplifier. The distributed audio design provides even audio coverage with plenty of warmth and clarity to carry the foyer atmosphere, complementing the digital artwork of the video wall.

Multi Media Area Lyf Hotel

With the audio installation for the foyer providing a perfect blend of inviting energy and warmth, the Ascot Group’s team knew they could then expand the guest experience by adding additional Bose Professional loudspeakers in the landing area of each floor. For the outdoor courtyard, two Bose Professional FreeSpace FS4SE surface mount loudspeakers were installed to ensure guests at the hotel would enjoy the same audio experience inside as well as outside.

To facilitate an intuitive and flexible audio zone control, Ascot Group installed a ControlSpace EX-1280C digital signal processor with a 10-inch touch panel. The easy-to-use interface enables staff to effortlessly select the appropriate source and the desired level of sound for each of the destination zones.

Integrate AV also contributed its expertise to the lyf ‘Collab’ space, which is specifically designed to host meetings and presentations. At the technological heart of the room is a 75-inch interactive flat panel. Visitors can use the HDMI and USB connectors to their laptops, displaying a variety of media whether it is needed for presentations or video.

Office Area Lyf Hotel

Audio and video pass through the display to the Videobar VB1 allin-one USB conferencing device that provides intelligent beam-steering microphone array, Bose Professional loudspeakers and a high-quality 4K camera. Beam-steering ensures every participant in the room is heard and unwanted sounds are reduced, shrinking the distance between colleagues. Additionally, the 4K camera enables participants to see more detail and read body language and facial emotions more quickly, which boosts communication and collaboration.

“We ordered the Videobar VB1 device on spec, before it was even released,” noted Gordon. “It’s been very easy to integrate into the room and the results have been excellent.

The lyf Collingwood Hotel launch party demonstrated how the Connect foyer easily doubles as a function space and can easily morph into a gathering place for parties quickly and effortlessly. During the launch party the guests were able to enjoy the community atmosphere and lyf Collingwood successfully showcased its audio and videovitality and power.

Frankie Palermo, lyf Collingwood’s Ambassador of Buzz, emphasized the importance of brand perception. “For us, Bose Professional is very ‘on brand.’ We draw a diverse selection of guests and the one thing they all have in common is expectation of amazing sound, and Bose Professional is recognised as a premium brand — and one we’re happy for the lyf hotels to associate with.”

The results of the collaboration between Bose Professional and Integrate AV have elevated the experience of guests and staff in the lyf Collingwood. Gordon, pleased with the installation outcome, reflected on the success of the partnership: “Bose Professional is a great partner. We worked with them on our design and by using their modelling and prediction software we can verify loudspeaker positions and fine-tune the height of the pendants. It’s a big part of why we recommend Bose Professional, knowing we have that support and backup.”

“We draw a diverse section of guests and the one thing they all have in common is expectation of amazing sound, and Bose Professional is recognised as a premium brand and one we’re happy for the lyf hotels to associate with.”

— Frankie Palermo
Ambassador of Buzz
Ascot Group

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Lyf Collingwood Hotel Case Study

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