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A gym with the goal of its members leaving their headphones at home? While this may seem impossible, JOHN REED Fitness has worked to make this goal a reality. By investing the time and resources into creating an immersive experience full of sound and visual stimulation, members are encouraged to interact with each other as well as every aspect of the club.

Global fitness conglomerate RSG Group, founded in 1997 in Germany, counts 6.4 million customers across gyms, sports nutrition, lifestyle brands, and digital services with 41,000 employees in 1,000 locations throughout 48 countries. In 2020, RSG Group added the iconic Gold’s Gym brand to its fitness club portfolio. Bose Professional products are utilized across all these fitness club locations worldwide.

JOHN REED Fitness launched in 2016 with the vision to combine fitness, music, lifestyle, and design in one place. After establishing the brand in key cities all over Europe, RSG Group decided to expand to the U.S., opening its first location in Downtown L.A. in 2021.

Tom Breu, director of music programming and AV integration for all RSG brands in North America, recognizes how important music is to the gym experience: “For us, music is essential to a great workout experience. That’s why we make the effort to create all the music programming in-house.”

The combination of beautiful spaces and hand-curated playlists experienced through an amazing sound system provide an exceptional training experience unmatched by other gyms.

Weight Room in John Reed

Throughout the day JOHN REED offers signature group fitness classes, live DJ sets, and events incorporating music as a central theme.

The design philosophy for each club is unique. The themes are inspired by the location and are individually developed. The incorporation of local artists’ work reflects a dedication to supporting and showcasing the talent of the community. It adds an authentic and culturally enriching dimension to the club’s design. The absence of TVs reinforces a focus on creating a different kind of fitness and social experience for its members.

Opening its second U.S. location in Dallas, Texas, in early 2022, RSG Group wanted a sound system that would give JOHN REED members the best possible music experience. Key to reaching this goal was to analyze each room and its unique purpose with regards to the desired sound pressure level while guaranteeing evenly distributed sound coverage with high density and bass impact throughout the space.

The audio equipment needed to not only provide the highest sound quality possible, for aesthetic reasons it also needed to be completely integrated into the overall aesthetics, blending into the design concept in an unobtrusive manner.


RSG Group has successfully worked with Bose Professional all across Europe for decades. Former CEO and President of RSG Group North America, Sebastian Schoepe, brought this sound expertise and relationship to the United States.

For the JOHN REED Dallas location, RSG Group and their partners created a unique audio strategy using Bose Professional EdgeMax loudspeaker as the center piece. While these loudspeakers were initially intended for in-ceiling installation in conference rooms and other large gathering areas, they were adapted to work throughout the club’s industrial, open-ceiling layout.

Custom-made enclosures for the EdgeMax EM180 and EM90 loudspeakers enabled the team to hang them as pendant-style fixtures throughout all open ceiling areas. This design approach provided full control over the music direction while seamlessly blending them into the overall aesthetic.

In addition to 80 EdgeMax loudspeakers, the full Bose Professional solution also includes 34 DesignMax DM6SE loudspeakers, and 10 MB210-WR subwoofers. The entire system is powered by PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers and controlled by a ControlSpace EX-1280C DSP.

Commenting on the music challenges in the fitness space, Breu recalled, “RSG’s audio design process starts with the equipment layout. Once we know a machine or rack is pointing in a certain direction, we place the loudspeakers so the person working out is facing into the music. Music coming from behind can be irritating. As there are very many unique aspects to consider, we make sure to do the loudspeaker layout in-house as well.”

John Reed Weightlifting

Another instance of crafting the perfect soundscape is evident in the functional training/boot camp area. Here, an array of design elements, such as large industrial fans and mannequins adorned with mirrors creating a disco ball effect, surrounds the space. The entire area is oriented inward, with EdgeMax loudspeakers positioned along the perimeter to deliver maximum volume for the DJ-driven signature workout “Boost Club.” Even though the sound pressure level (SPL) in this area during these classes is 10dB higher than in the rest of the gym, the EdgeMax loudspeakers ensure that the energy is precisely directed where it’s needed.

In JOHN REED locations, one of the primary challenges is a powerful bass. For the entire Dallas project, MB210-WR subwoofers were strategically placed throughout the facility. It is worth noting the EdgeMax loudspeakers played a crucial role in delivering impactful bass response due to their extended bandwidth and SPL capabilities. This combination helped realize the workout experience envisioned by Breu.

“We also like the warmth EdgeMax loudspeakers deliver — the whole frequency range is amazing. When we want it to be really loud, it can be. But even at a moderate level it sounds really energizing and is able to push you to your limits. Before Bose Professional’s EdgeMax, it was a lot harder to achieve that,” Breu explained.

Bathroom Area at John Reed

RSG Group has expanded its footprint by opening six new-generation Gold’s Gyms in Dallas and Houston, Texas. In these facilities, EdgeMax loudspeakers were selected for the main room audio and are also featured in the fitness classrooms. According to Breu, the difference in sound quality with EdgeMax is striking and represents a significant improvement to the workout experience.

In addition to the Texas locations, HEIMAT, the world’s first concept fitness club situated in Los Angeles, California, features an extensive array of Bose Professional products throughout all five stories.

Now, everyone who walks into the Dallas location is blown away by an experience unlike any other fitness club. As club members walk through the different rooms, they experience even, consistent audio with bass presence everywhere— regardless of ceiling height or room dimensions. Many rooms sit at 70 dBA allowing members to comfortably chat, yet still feel the music.

From the custom open-ceiling pendants to the in-ceiling mounted loudspeakers, the focal point remains on the art pieces, design, and a total fitness experience that is completed by the high-energy music. Members are immediately drawn into the aesthetic, sound quality, and club-like vibe.

With EdgeMax located throughout the club, JOHN REED Dallas gained the benefits of foreground loudspeakers — pristine sound quality and strong sound pressure — while maintaining the design aesthetics and other functionalities of a background loudspeaker.

For Breu and all of his RSG colleagues, the experience working directly with Bose Professional was essential to designing a successful solution. “I always had the help from Bose Professional experts. They took the time to explain how the systems work best and were always supportive and listened to our ideas,” he said. “Their team has the expertise and personal approach that allowed our visions to become reality.”

Spin Center at John Reed

“For us music is one of the most important pillars of and essential to a great workout experience. That’s why we make the effort to create all the music programming in house.”

— Tom Breu
Director of Music Programming & AV Integration
North America RSG Group

With 6.4 million customers across gyms, sports nutrition, lifestyle brands and digital services, RSG Group is the global leader in fitness. Founded in 1997, RSG Group is an international business with 41,000 employees, including franchisees, with almost 1,000 locations in 48 countries.

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JOHN REED Fitness Dallas

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