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The Hotel Fernblick Montafon, located more than 3,500 feet (1,100 meters) above sea level on the sunny balcony of Austria’s stunning Montafon mountain valley, first opened as a snack station for Alpine travelers in 1922. Five generations of the Zudrell family have closely looked after their guests’ well-being since then, offering passionate hospitality with a focus on region and harmony with nature. All year long, Hotel Fernblick Montafon guests can leave their cares behind, experience breathtaking landscapes, savor authentic regional cuisine, and luxuriate in mountain wellness treatments.

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The Zudrell family decided to give their four-star wellness hotel a new look in 2020, extending the Wellness Oasis Mehrblick with two additional floors as well as new sauna facilities. As part of this visionary expansion, the family also wanted to embark on a project to improve the sound and media experience for their guests. Turning to longtime Bose Professional partner MULTIMEDIAFABRIK GmbH, based in nearby Altach, the Zudrells asked for expert recommendations on how to create a modern, wellness-centric ambiance at the hotel using sound. In addition, the Hotel Fernblick Montafon had a special requirement for this project: They wanted guests to be able to control individual music zones using their iPads or smartphones.


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MULTIMEDIAFABRIK and the Zudrell family closely collaborated throughout the entire project, beginning with the requirements gathering phase before proceeding to an intensive project planning stage followed by the implementation phase. MULTIMEDIAFABRIK presented the Zudrell family with several options before they ultimately selected an integrated Bose Professional solution. Bose Professional products, particularly the DesignMax and the FreeSpace series, made the cut because of their impressive audio quality, smooth implementation, and ease of use.

Although MULTIMEDIAFABRIK was under pressure to deliver an exceptional sound environment befitting a four-star wellness hotel in a short time frame, they successfully executed the project on time thanks to the high-quality Bose Professional solution they chose and their close partnership with the Zudrell family.

As implementation was underway, MULTIMEDIAFABRIK encountered a major challenge. At first, navigating the individual construction phases made it difficult to properly integrate the various music zones within the hotel. Fortunately, with the help of Dante technology, the team was able to perfectly link each of the Bose Professional centers in the different areas of the hotel with one another.

The project continued smoothly through the rest of the construction and integration phases. They installed a variety of Bose Professional products in locations ranging from the Hotel Fernblick’s high-tech meeting room to its wellness areas, ensuring the technology could easily be used from the Control Centers and mobile devices. Additionally, using their iPads or smartphones, guests could control the audio system in individual zones. Music was made available via internet stream, complete with automated music selection features and time-controlled playlists, so guests could easily curate music to suit any mood or time of the day directly from their rooms.

As part of the expansion, the hotel also added a new Panorama Relax Infinity Pool with several jet and massage areas, created a new Panorama Restaurant with large glass windows providing incomparable scenic views, designed 18 new matching Panorama guest rooms and extended the reception area. For the bar, outdoor pool and reading room areas, the ControlSpace Designer software and its SmartBass functionality was used to ensure optimal spacing of the DesignMax DM3C and DesignMax DM3SE loudspeakers for ideal sound quality at any volume. With these enhancements in place, guests could comfortably enjoy music regardless of whether the space was bustling with people or experiencing a tranquil moment.

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The Zudrells had another unique requirement: To realize their vision of hospitality, they would need to have an uninterrupted and advertising-free music feed. MULTIMEDIAFABRIK specially designed an MP3 server system, offering a pleasant ambiance for guests.

The Zudrell family was impressed by MULTIMEDIAFABRIK’s comprehensive approach to the project and the Bose Professional products, which fully addressed their requirements. Within a short space of time, they successfully designed, planned, and implemented an ambitious sound environment befitting a destination perched among Austria’s Montafon mountains.

Overcoming the challenges of the construction phases along the way, the team created an exceptional audio experience unlike anything guests had encountered before using Bose Professional products and a little ingenuity.

Fernblick Restaurant tables

“MULTIMEDIAFABRIK covered everything from a single source, from the needs assessment to the conception and specialist planning, including subsequent installation, programming and commissioning;” shared Martin Gollner, CEO at MULTIMEDIAFABRIK GmbH. “With Bose Professional in our corner, we were able to focus on delivering on the wishes of our long-term customer and left nothing to be desired.”

Now, in addition to an expansive array of wellness options including an infinity pool, epicurean delights, and Alpine outdoor activities, guests can also customize their audio experiences via the mobile devices they use in their daily lives. With the vision complete, visitors to the Hotel Fernblick Montafon can enhance their well-being while gazing on spectacular Alpine vistas and listening to music that perfectly suits the moment. With a modern sound environment in place, the Hotel Fernblick Montafon can offer its guests unparalleled hospitality for years to come.

“Bose Professional products are of high quality and are always a good and reliable choice. This was a challenging and time-critical project for MULTIMEDIAFABRIK, which together with the Zudrell family we completed successfully and on time.”

— Martin Gollner, CEO


MULTIMEDIAFABRIK offers and perfects sustainable solutions using light, pictures and sound. With the impact these have on our psyche, health and creativity, we understand how to ensure each project conveys the mood and attitude unique to each client setting — from the technical to the artistic. With decades of experience, we can help create the soundscape and visual environment that best represents your brand.


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