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March 10, 2020

Stage Arts Group Employs Bose Professional ShowMatch System for Supernova Stage at MTA Festival in China’s Tianmo Nature Scenic Area

Stage Arts Group Employs Bose Professional ShowMatch System for Supernova Stage at MTA Festival in China’s Tianmo Nature Scenic Area banner image

The MTA (Music Technology and Art Festival) has been held for the past several years in China’s Tianmo Nature Scenic Area, located to the south of Guanting Reservoir in Xianonanxinpu, Hebei Province — approximately 56 miles northwest of central Beijing. In the summer of 2019, Live Nation Entertainment collaborated with Sound Summer Ltd. to bring a broad range of performers, from pop-rock to hip-hop to electronic dance music, to the MTA Tianmo festival’s main stage and two secondary stages. Stage Arts Groups (S.A.G.), an artist management group and full-service provider of concert production services based in Beijing, serviced multiple stages at the event. The Supernova stage, serviced by S.A.G.’s Beijing Bosheng Brother audio rental division, featured EDM and punk-pop artists and was equipped with a ShowMatch DeltaQ compact line array system from Bose Professional — the first time that ShowMatch has been used at a large, nationally-prominent outdoor live music festival in China.

The Showmatch system deployed for the Supernova stage included 24 line array elements and 12 SMS118 subwoofers. The system was set up in two main suspended arrays to the left and right. The Supernova stage was 20 meters wide and 14 meters high, with the ShowMatch array hung at a suspension point of 9 meters.

Antinio Li, system engineer for S.A.G. was responsible for adjusting and optimizing the Bose Professional system at the Supernova Stage, remarked, “For such a compact system, ShowMatch was able to handle electronic dance music outdoors, even on a large stage. Upon first seeing them I did not expect the ShowMatch line array boxes to have enough output and presence. But the system was fully capable, and the low-frequency impact of the SMS118 was especially impressive.”

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Photo File 1: BosePro_MTAFestival_Supernova_Stage.jpg

Photo Caption 1: Bose Professional ShowMatch system at the MTA Festival’s Supernova stage.

Photo File 2: BosePro_MTAFestival_Supernova Stage_Night.jpg

Photo Caption 2: Bose Professional ShowMatch system delivered the audio presence needed for audience enjoyment.

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