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With more than 1,000 stores across 33 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America, Rituals Cosmetics’ franchises boast an impressive luxury lifestyle brand. At the very core of the company, Rituals aims to transform everyday routines into more meaningful experiences, coined by the tagline: “We’re not here to sell you beauty; we are here to make you feel good.”

In 2020, to commemorate its 20th anniversary, Rituals unveiled phase I of a four-story shopping and lifestyle concept called House of Rituals
on Kalverstraat—Amsterdam’s premier shopping street. The first phase included an impressive restaurant and large store on the first and second floors. Then in 2021, phase II launched the mind and body spa, focusing on pampering, meditation, and community. Covering 1,900 square meters, the store is much larger than their other outlets around the world, which measure more closely to 100 square meters.

Perfume Station HoR

Focusing on an experience like no other, the flagship store offers promises of sensory details, Instagrammable corners, Arabic-Asian
food, premium and exclusive collections, and body and soul experiences. To complement these invigorating sensations, Rituals desired an equally stimulating audio experience that would engulf customers walking by and invite them to a hidden oasis within the city.


With such a vast, unique, and trendy space, all four floors plus the basement restrooms required integrative background music. Most importantly, a system that was as dynamic and aesthetically pleasing as the space was key. With each floor housing its own theme, House of Rituals desired a stimulating experience with incredible audio to immediately entice customers to come inside—and stay to enjoy all levels.

However, meeting this need was initially difficult as each area within the House of Rituals has different heights, distances, and layouts. Because of these specifications, the space required a decentralized hardware network with transported audio and equipment that would blend in seamlessly with the room aesthetics.

Since a one-size-fits-all solution would not work, Rituals looked to the experts at audio integrator First Impression Audiovisual to design the perfect system for this rare store experience.

Bedding station HoR

First Impression’s Senior Solutions Architect, Richard Berkhout, knew Bose Professional would be the best manufacturer to meet the job’s requirements. As the preferred supplier of First Impression, Bose Professional not only offers a solution to meet each demand, but also works effortlessly with the Dante technology that Rituals preferred. “For every goal, there is a solution: from loudspeakers to amplifiers to DSPs,” Berkhout explains.

The space required 80 FreeSpace loudspeakers, 12 DesignMax DM3SE loudspeakers, nine DesignMax DM8C-Sub subwoofers, a FreeSpace 3 Series II Acoustimass bass module, and MB210-WR outdoor subwoofer for the ideal solution. To say the store is sound enabled is an understatement. Despite their small size, the loudspeakers offer clear, intelligible highs and low end, while the subwoofer and bass equipment delivers impressive low frequencies without distortion.

As required by Rituals, the sound system blends into the design of each floor. No detail was overlooked, even a special ‘green wall’ on the stairwell with fake jungle-like plants received its own setup so nature sounds engulf visitors as they ascend to the next level.

White Tree in HoR

To expand performance and response level, First Impression paired the loudspeakers with a ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor, ControlSpace EX-1280C conferencing sound processor, and ControlSpace EX-8ML microphone connector. Since the store works with Dante connectivity, this solution allows for simple drag-and-drop programming—making configuration quick and easy—while also maintaining flexibility to meet future needs. Rounding out this solution are six PowerMatch amplifiers and three PowerShare PS404D adaptable power amplifiers.

With enough equipment and power to provide performance-quality sound, the solution maintains a high level of scalability and configurability but remains hidden to allow the room aesthetics and activities to be the main attraction, perfectly complemented by sound.

Listed as the Top 10 Global Stores of 2021 by LinkedIn®, House of Rituals is described as “an escape from the hectic city life, and a holistic haven for the mind, body and soul.”

Beautifully branded throughout each level, customers can test products, shop, dine, and reset all in one spot. With the reliability and quality the Bose Professional solution provided, anyone who passes by within earshot of this one-of-a-kind experience is welcomed immediately inside with exciting yet soothing décor and idyllic audio that envelopes guests in an unforgettable shopping experience.

Proud of the impressive size of the project and outcome of exceeding Rituals’ expectations, Berkhout said, “We are proud to have played a part in this exciting project. Bose Professional delivers solid solutions and they live up to the reputation.”

“We are proud to have played a part in this exciting project. Bose Professional delivers solid solutions and they live up to the reputation.”

— Richard Berkhout
 Senior Solutions Architect, First Impression

First Impression Audiovisual is an award-winning specialist in audiovisual technology and experience. Experts in light, image, sound, scent and digital communication, they enjoy working on projects with a twist—It’s all about experience.

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