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Moody Methodist Church worship space

The first Methodist Bible study group in Galveston, Texas began nearly 200 years ago in 1837. Since its inception the group has evolved into the Moody Methodist Church, upholding its legacy while continuing to provide spiritual and physical care for their community. 

In addition to Bible studies, prayer ministries, missions and fellowship, the house of worship plays a large role in ministering to the sick and assisting those in need. Whether through its collaboration to create the Galveston Morning Devotions or its response to natural disasters, Moody Methodist Church has been a stable, reliable presence for the Galveston area. 

A place that does so much good in its community deserves a sound system to match, but Moody Methodist’s current system wasn’t capable of supporting the change the congregation looked to bring about in Galveston.

Built in 1962 and with much of its original design still in place, the church’s interior features marble floors, walls, columns and incorporates wooden pews; all set in a long, narrow, open space that reaches nearly four stories. 

Moody Methodist Church alter and pulpit

Maintaining the splendor of the interior setting while delivering intelligible sound — whether music or spoken word — presents a challenge for any audio system. 

The interior of many houses of worship often incorporate a variety of natural materials that provide a glorious environment, but also create hard surfaces that produce acoustic challenges. Sound waves bounced around, reverberating across the large, open space, creating discomfort for attendees and intelligibility issues. 

Given the variety of music and speaking during a service, and the age range of the congregation, Moody Methodist needed a modern sound system that, upheld the legacy and atmosphere of the church and allowed for a more intelligible and immersive sound experience.


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Moody Methodist leadership turned to integrator AVI Systems with the challenge of developing a new audio solution that would modernize and drastically improve the audio experience of churchgoers — and AVI Systems turned to Bose Professional. 

AVI Systems recommended the church upgrade its audio system processor to the new ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor, which helps deliver high-quality sound system control. The entire system, designed for ease of use, is managed with a new Android touch panel that enables operators to engage in simple system adjustments when necessary. 

The integrator also brought in Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers to aid in the delivery of wide, intelligible and powerful coverage. 

Moody Methodist Church interior

As wall-mounted solutions, three modular units of the Panaray MSA12X loudspeakers are placed at the front of the church on each side of the sanctuary, delivering both audio from the pipe organ and speakers’ microphones, ensuring everyone in the congregation has a consistent, ideal audio experience.

“The installation was an immediate improvement to the sound,” Barry Hailey, director of IT and AV services for Moody Methodist Church said. “Now, everyone can hear the various components of the church service, from the sermon to the music. Our older parishioners are especially pleased with the new audio system, because they no longer struggle to understand what’s going on.”

“After evaluating the space and talking with Barry about the issues he was having with the old system, I immediately thought of Bose Professional. The Bose Professional Panaray MSA12X self-powered, digital beam-steering loudspeaker was an ideal solution for Moody Methodist Church.”

— Mark Warren
AVI Systems Account Manager

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