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Bose Professional ArenaMatch loudspeakers

Built in 1982, Maaspoort Sports and Events, located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, is more than just an indoor arena, it’s a unique, multifunctional facility suited to host a wide array of events. The venue offers two meeting rooms, a sports bar, and a diverse and flexible arena area that can be used for a variety of events from sports to concerts. The arena itself provides a seating capacity of 3,500 people for sports event and 4,000 people for concerts. 

Maaspoort is also home to the most successful basketball club in the Netherlands, the Heroes Den Bosch. As a member of the Dutch Basketball League, this championship record-breaking team regularly plays at this spectacular venue. This indoor sports facility also hosts different sport activities such as badminton, tennis and gymnastics.

In addition to the main arena, Maaspoort also offers two meeting rooms and a sports bar — all three areas can be opened up creating one large space or reconfigured to suite specific event needs. This flexibility meant the audio system needs to be robust and flexible enough to support a variety of occasions.


Bleachers at Fred Kelly Stadium

As the audio-video partner of record, Unlimited Vision and Sound, also located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, understood what Maaspoort was working to achieve and knew they would develop the perfect solution with Bose Professional products. 

“Unlimited Vision and Sound was already our main supplier partner; they were our go-to resource if we needed to hired audio and related technology for variety of different events,” said Remco van der Pot, manager at Maaspoort Sports and Events. “We are always very satisfied with their support and partnership, so when we decided on a new audio solution to support all the different events, we naturally asked them to submit a proposal with their recommendations.”

After auditing the needs of venue as a whole and breaking down exact specifics of what was needed for each space and potential event, Pascal van Engelen, owner of Unlimited Vision and Sound, identified the best solution would be a combination of the Bose Professional ArenaMatch AM10, AM20 and AM40 loudspeakers and the FreeSpace DS100SE loudspeakers, rounding out the system with the RoomMatch RMU208 loudspeakers and the MB210 compact subwoofer. 

Bose Professional ArenaMatch loudspeakers at the top of the bleachers
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The system is powered by a PowerMatch PM8500N power amplifier and is configured and controlled by the ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor. In addition to flexibility, the ArenaMatch-based solution also delivered speech intelligibility without compromising a true musical experience. Visitors now enjoy clear announcements made whether during the height of a game, during a concert or musical event. 

Since the initial installation, the results have been exactly what the Maaspoort Sports and Events management was hoping for. Van der Pot further adds, “We received a lot of compliments and positive reactions from our guests on the sound quality and intelligibility from the start. The fact that it meets our customers’ needs and provides the exact experience we envisioned is a win for everyone involved.”

The Maaspoort Sports and Events team is genuinely happy with the perfect audio coverage delivered by the Bose Professional solution, adding that “sound is extremely important, especially in a sport like basketball. Music plays a pivotal role in the creation of an experience. The collaboration with Unlimited Vision and Sound reinforced why they are a trusted partner who delivers with our needs in mind. As far as we are concerned, both the Bose Professional system and Unlimited Vision and Sound are definitely recommended — we now have a high-quality audio for every event and now offer the total experience.”

“The events here are very diverse — from a dance party to sports events to business meetings. So we wanted a flexible audio system that delivers the best quality sound, whether it was music, singing or sports announcements. The solution needed to be suitable for all those different moments and room configurations.”

—Remco van der Pot
Manager at Maaspoort Sports & Events 


Maaspoort Case Study

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