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Bose ArenaMatch loudspeakers

Fred Kelly Stadium was originally built in 1969 in honor of Frederick Warren “Fred” Kelly, who attended Orange Union High School and went on to become an Olympic Gold Medalist in the 110-meter high hurdles in 1912. As a foundation of the community, the stadium serves as the home field for the surrounding four Orange County high schools’ football programs, as well as a host for track and field, soccer and lacrosse events. 

While the stadium has undergone multiple smaller renovations over the last several decades, in 2018, the stadium held a closing ceremony and was officially closed to allow for a more in-depth, $20-million renovation project to begin.

Bleachers at Fred Kelly Stadium

With a top-to-bottom renovation this extensive, Scott Harvey, senior executive director of facilities at the Orange Unified School District, knew the audio system needed to deliver the highest-level of sound quality consistently each and every day, whether for game announcements or music to get the fans excited. The original scope of work included a voice PA system for the playing field, but Harvey wanted to elevate the stadium’s capabilities and profile within the community, and this meant rethinking and redesigning the sound system. 

With this in mind, Harvey knew the sound system was key to rounding out the full renovation project and needed to work with a system integrator who had the expertise and product knowledge to make this happen.


Bose ArenaMatch loudspeakers at the top of the bleachers

Sunset Audio/Visual brought the design and installation expertise that Fred Kelly Stadium needed. Understanding that a sound system is the center of the experience at a stadium, Sunset Audio/Visual knew that Bose Professional would deliver a solution that lived up to the quality and capabilities needed. 

Confidence in the Bose Professional brand, Sunset Audio/Visual’s scope of experience, and the engineering know-how to predict the sound behavior and performance all delivered a winning combination and a state-of-the-art Bose Professional sound system.

The resulting sound system provided audio coverage throughout the stadium and included the ArenaMatch DeltaQ AM10, AM20 and AM40 module array loudspeakers with an IP55 weather rating.

For the stadium and other areas, the ArenaMatch AMU105 and AMU108 loudspeakers and the MB210-WR outdoor subwoofer provided the compact design and powerful sound quality to complement DeltaQ technology. Starting from a sound system that consisted of only low-end loudspeaker on posts, the Fred Kelly Stadium now has the sound system Harvey and the executive team had hoped for.

Bose PowerMatch 8500N amplifier

“Implementing AV technology into the arena created a great opportunity for local students, as well,” shared Stan Kjoder, integration specialist at Sunset Audio/Video. “Training students to run the system provides the schools a benefit of not just additional manpower, but another way for students to get engaged. Plus, it exposes them to a possible career field, too.”

The resulting Bose Professional sound system “provides the best sound education opportunity for students,” added Doug Green, territory sales representative for Bose Professional. “And the stadium can now serve as a template for other school districts of what’s possible. Add Sunset AV’s training capabilities and commitment to customer service beyond project completion, and it was a partnership Fred Kelly Stadium was excited to have.”

With the new Bose Professional sound system and the full renovation complete, the functionality of the stadium provides additional opportunities to host other sporting events, cinema nights with the new large video screen, music events and other high school performances. The stadium renovations truly deliver, securing an active and diverse future for the community.

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Sunset Audio Visual is a premier audio/video solutions and systems automation provider, providing professional installation services for commercial, residential, government, education, and religious institutions.

“Bose Professional did an amazing job with their know-how and teaching approach. They are committed to helping everyone involved understand the performance of the system, ensuring it’s exactly right.”

— Scott Harvey
Senior Executive Director of Facilities, Orange Unified School District


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