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Panaray MSA12X steerable array loudspeaker mounted on a wall

Founded in 1870 and named after Italian poet, novelist and philosopher Alessandro Manzoni, Teatro Manzoni is among the most prestigious Italian theaters protected by the fine arts stewardship. Located in the center of Milan, in the heart of the fashion district not far from Via Montenapoleone and Piazza della Scala, the theater was reconstructed in 1950 after the building was demolished in a bombing during World War II. The large atrium spaces, the elegant foyer and the theater room, which seats 838 guests, feature ornate frescoes by neoclassical painter Achille Funi and sculptures by stonemason Leone Lodi. The Teatro Manzoni was in need of an audio upgrade worthy of its prestige to deliver a more unique, more robust experience without distracting from the history of the storied theater.


RoomMatch Utility RMU105 loudspeaker mounted to the front of the stage

Bose Professional partner Techlit was selected to renovate its audio system. The challenge was to deliver a consistent, superior audio experience beginning from the moment one enters the theater’s entrance and progresses to the theater room without detracting from the historic aesthetics of the space. In the building’s entrance, bar and foyer, Techlit created an internal audio distribution solution that delivered music and clear announcements creating the desired atmosphere, while being confined to the specific spaces. The theater needed a modern system to deliver a high-quality, immersive sound experience that seamlessly blended with the structural details, while remaining independent from the occasional rented sound system.

The minimalistic loudspeaker design and the extremely precise sound coverage made the Bose Professional solution the perfect audio system for the historic theater, improving room aesthetics while simplifying sound management for theater staff. Now, the theater has an almost indiscernible audio system that, despite its size, delivers precise coverage for the stalls and balcony seating with outstanding vocal intelligibility and tonal consistency. On the rare occasion when a bigger system is required, external rental services can easily integrate additional audio components without enabling the resident speakers, providing true system flexibility.

“With this new audio system, there is no need for external rental services for most of the events. The Bose Professional solution delivers an upper-level sound experience with great coverage despite its size.”

Alessandro Arnone
Teatro Manzoni general manager


Teatro Manzoni Case Study

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