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Middleborough High School, located in Middleboro, Massachusetts

With $100 million dedicated to the rebuild of Massachusetts’ Middleborough High School, the transformation is noted as the largest renovation the school district has ever seen. The new and improved school was built with a noble purpose — to engage each student with an innovative, 21st century learning experience. The building and campus have been completely transformed with 165,000 square feet of academic-focused construction and an on-site athletic facility complete with a stadium supporting a variety of sporting activities. This includes a three-story academic wing; a health and fitness wing complete with a gymnasium, fitness and weight room; and a third wing housing the performing arts that is inclusive of an auditorium, black box theater, television production studio, and an area for both band and choral programs.

Middleborough High School auditorium

The school wanted the auditorium to be used for not only students and teachers, but also community members. To exceed these goals, the school needed to provide a sound system that could keep up with the diverse activities planned for this space. The original auditorium fell short of meeting the high school’s needs with a claustrophobic, unwelcoming layout utilizing dated technology and equipment. Since auditoriums are the heart of a school where the community can come together for a shared activity, Middleborough High School envisioned a space that would fulfill that purpose and truly embody its culture

Sean Siciliano, coordinator of district technology for Middleborough High School, explained that their auditorium will be used for more than just high school performances. It would be a flexible venue designed for a variety of activities, such as plays, concerts, assemblies and town hall meetings. Additionally, the events not only provide the community with the capability to gather and entertain, but also opportunities to prepare students for the future through student-supported AV activities working the advanced equipment.


Middleborough High School auditorium

Given the magnitude of the construction project, the school brought in consulting firm 3Si to focus on the design of the auditorium and Pro AV Systems and Levangie Electric to develop and install a sound system that would engulf every attendee with superior quality and clarity. The school now has a completely transformed multiuse venue with a spacious 750-person seating capacity outfitted with a customized Bose Professional solution.

The full digital audio mixer, complete with Dante technology, allowed the team to take advantage of limited wiring and network the technologies together for ultimate communication capabilities. For instance, administrators and student event workers can now talk to each other between the auditorium and TV studio, allowing for seamless event execution.

Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers

To provide concert-quality sound with a high level of scalability and configurability, a PowerMatch PM8500N power amplifier is paired with the ShowMatch SM10, SM20 and SM5 DeltaQ array loudspeakers for unsurpassed sound quality and vocal clarity. They finished the custom solution with the ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofer to extend the low frequency ranges.

“The Bose Professional system was the best purchase for us,” Siciliano commented. “Implementing AV technology was a way to empower our students and give them the opportunity to learn these advanced systems.”

Pro AV Systems’ Director of Bid Desk and Communications, Adrienne Blasioli, and Project Manager, Slade Forni, were pleased with the exceptional outcome of the design and technology advancements that met the learning objectives the school requested.

The Middleborough High School auditorium

“The auditorium, in combination with the black box theater, is a showpiece where they can hold events, but it’s also a classroom space where kids can learn,” Blasioli said.

Forni added, “The Bose Professional team was very responsive, easy to work with and helpful throughout the process.”

The school moved into the building in April 2021 and wasted no time breaking in the space. The theater department hosted its first show in May, albeit with a limited audience due to social-distancing restrictions. As the school year progressed, they held their first school committee meeting in the auditorium and a scholarship event for seniors that summer. Being the largest, most technologically advanced and centrally located venue in town, the school now invites the community to take part in its school functions and can host external events, like the town hall meeting. The school is now able to serve its students, administration and community in a multi-functional space that invites a culture of performance, engagement and learning.

“The Bose Professional system was the best purchase for us … Implementing AV technology was a way to empower our students and give them the opportunity to learn these advanced systems.”

— Sean Siciliano
Coordinator of District Technology
Middleborough High School

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Middleborough High School Case Study

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